Be proud of what you do

Life in the fast lane offers attractive rewards, but often at the expense of family and personal fulfilment. The Franchise Magazine reviews how a number of entrepreneurs, including bfa Franchisee of the Year, Janis Anderson have found happiness and prosperity moving from their corporate lifestyle and investing in their own Caremark business.

Moving from the corporate rat race to a business offering both personal and financial rewards is a pipedream for many, but it does not have to be – a care franchise is one of the few business opportunities that can offer both with 10 million people in the UK aged over 65 years old providing a huge target audience for domiciliary care businesses.

Even though the target audience is amply large now, latest government projections indicate that there will be five-and-a-half million more elderly people in the UK in 20 years’ time – the UK’s aging population presents a massive opportunity for savvy investors.

The success of Caremark, one of the UK’s leading domiciliary care franchises, is proof of this phenomenon and many of the business’ most prosperous franchise owners have forsaken their corporate background and attained an improved work/life balance as their own boss.

The experience of working for a large organisation with strong systems and procedures along with the personal drive and ambition required to succeed in such a competitive world, offer some of the best transferrable skills where franchising is concerned. Caremark recruits individuals with these attributes to meet the challenges of setting up a business in an evolving and highly regulated business based on a proven model and systems.

Caremark has had the privilege of working with several individuals with highly demanding corporate backgrounds, supporting them in the start-up and development of successful care franchises. Janis Anderson (Caremark Aylesbury and Wycombe) is one such individual. Her belief in the Caremark model and systems, coupled with her own drive, vision and ability to spot a need resulted in her being awarded not only the bfa’s Female Franchisee of the Year 2013 but also scooping the bfa’s top award – the Franchisee of the year 2013 award.

Reflecting on what inspired her to enter the care sector and in particular Caremark, Janis comments: “My previous job entailed a lot of travelling and I wanted to work closer to home. I also wanted a career that involved providing something of worth to others and franchising was a good way of getting into a new industry.

“There is also very real benefit to being part of a franchise rather than trying to start a business from scratch. This is particularly true for the care sector as the legislation is complex. I looked at all sectors to begin with and attended several franchising seminars. The care sector attracted my attention because it was clearly a growth industry and was providing a service, which I knew I could feel passionate about.

“I thought the level of support offered to franchise owners by Caremark was particularly strong, both in the field by their Regional Support Managers (RSM) and from their support team at their central office. All franchise owners have regular contact with their RSM, which is helpful and enables one to keep developing one’s business in the most efficient way. Secondly, I was looking for a franchisor with whom I could build an honest and trusting relationship and for me, Caremark filled that need.”

Many franchise owners enter the world of care following personal experience, often having experienced care provision for a loved one. Laura Reeves (Caremark Mid-Surrey) had a long and successful career in Asset Management. Laura found herself juggling her career with caring for her family members and neighbours – this and her experience of sourcing care led her to consider how her corporate skills could be utilised within the care industry and she started to consider a business of her own.

She says: “Once I had made the decision to start my own business, the care industry seemed a natural choice-particularly as I had previously cared for my grandparents who both had Alzheimer’s. I set about my due diligence, and met with a few companies, but it was upon meeting the owner of Caremark that I decided this was the right company for me.

“I liked his passion and commitment to providing excellent care and was impressed that there was a team available at head office to fully support me as a new franchisee – especially as this was a new industry to me. I am really pleased with how my business is developing and know that I made the right decision to change direction in my career. I have a great team of office staff and brilliant carers working for me, who support vulnerable people in my local community – something that I am very proud of.” Caremark’s franchise is a management opportunity which makes it well suited to those used to building strong teams. This is essential to building a strong franchise business, as is a proactive approach to one’s franchise and always building with an eye on the future. Caremark offers its franchise owners a multi-revenue model, where care is provided to vulnerable people of all ages. Once you have a well-established business and have met qualifying criteria, our franchise owners have the opportunity to purchase additional territories to build their business further.

If you have the desire to transfer your corporate skills into the world of care then call us now for an informal chat on how you could build a business giving both personal and financial rewards.