Caremark franchise owner targets a £1.25 million turnover

Caremark franchise owner Farina Tayub has already earned a £1 million turnover and she is planning to increase it to £1.25 million this year

Within a year of launching her Caremark business Farina Tayub fulfilled her ambition of owning a luxury sports car. "I used to dream of owning a Mercedes CLK convertible," remembers Farina. "I decided that when I hit a set turnover I would buy one, which I thought would take between two to three years, however almost exactly one year since launching my business I hit the target and bought it."

In fact Farina's business has been so successful that in her second year of trading she earned a turnover of £1 million and this year she is aiming to increase it to £1.25 million. "I have been successful because I have stuck to the Caremark system rigidly," she reveals. "I trusted the concept because it has been tried and tested, and as I had no experience in the care industry, I had no choice but to follow the system."

Previously an accountant, Farina gambled everything, including her house, to invest in a Caremark franchise. "I began looking into franchising because I got tired of working hard for other people and decided to get smart and work for myself," she says. "I chose to own a business in the care industry as I knew that I didn't want a business that involved carrying stock and I wanted to enter a service industry but not cleaning.

"Homecare appealed to me because it fulfilled this criteria and I knew it was a growing industry with there being an increase in the ageing population in the UK. It was Caremark founder Kevin Lewis' enthusiasm for providing care that made me want to join Caremark, and the fact that he provided honest answers to all my questions, even the difficult ones."

Farina originally only purchased the Leeds West territory, however during her training, the Leeds East area also became available and she ended up purchasing both territories. "The support I have had from Caremark with setting-up my business in Leeds West and taking over the Leeds East territory has been fantastic," she explains.

"Kevin Lewis was with me on my first day of operating and stayed for a few days and since then the support has been endless." Farina has seen her business grow steadily since its launch in March 2008 and she is planning to continue its expansion. "I really enjoy nurturing and growing my Caremark franchise," she comments. "Last year my business grew despite the recession, which I think has been down to the fact that this is a niche market.

"At the moment I am concentrating on moving to a bigger office and by the end of this year I want to purchase another territory. My husband who used to be a research scientist has joined me in running my Caremark business and we plan for him to operate the new territory."

Reported by Derin Ibrahim