Delivering the highest standards in personal care

With franchisees now not only achieving, but exceeding their expected growth rate, Caremark is developing a reputation for strong support, surpassing standards and delivering the highest standards in personal social care Text: Caremark

Deciding on your future route into a new business is not only a question of the industry sector but also which franchise opportunity will provide you with the best potential for future success. Your personal skills and qualities will help determine your choice, matching the business with your aspirations. If you are of management calibre, possess the genuine desire to make a difference and are dedicated to achieving real personal success then the Caremark franchise could be for you.

Caremark's offering, with Managing Director Kevin Lewis (pictured below with Sue Hills, new franchisee for Mid-Sussex) having extensive experience in both the care industry and a forerunner in the franchising arena, presents prospective franchisees with expertise developed over a 14 year period. With this knowledge, Caremark is building a strong and robust brand that offers franchisees an exciting and extremely promising opportunity.

Operating in a highly regulated care sector, Caremark provides domiciliary care to those in need who choose to remain living in their own home. Anybody requiring care at home could benefit from the services available from Caremark. As a Caremark franchisee you would recruit, train and supply highly skilled care workers to clients and organisations within your local community, all with our support. The care industry as a whole demands highly motivated and dedicated providers and a Caremark franchisee must possess the drive and ambition to realise this. A genuine passion for care, along with proven policies and procedures and unrivalled support enables Caremark to fulfil this demand and deliver excellence in care services.

'A career in care is not to be taken lightly, it requires determination and drive to realise your business potential,' explains Kevin. 'The responsibility that comes with caring for vulnerable people is always at the forefront of everything we do. It is the desire to make a difference that drives our franchisees to ultimately succeed. We provide all the tools necessary to run a successful business and our support is second to none. By adding this to a franchisee's motivation, the partnership we offer is the key to success.'

With professionalism and dedication comes great reward, not just financially, but personally. The social care sector is currently estimated to be worth in excess of £19 billion per annum and with care at home becoming a much more attractive proposition, the growth in the market is predicted to continue rising. 'This presents all of our franchisees with a real chance to become owners of a profitable, growing business and the pleasure of knowing you are making a positive difference to other people's lives,' says Michelle Lidbetter, one of Caremark's support managers.

Caremark has a dedicated support team, actively assisting and supporting their network of franchisees. Kevin explains: 'By continually developing new ideas we can ensure our franchisees have the very best tools and resources to develop their businesses. We have recently added a personalised website to the franchise package and are currently piloting the introduction of Caremark cars. Our recent regional meetings were a perfect opportunity for franchisees to share ideas and experiences. It is important that all franchisees are part of the team, by bringing the network together regularly the franchisees derive additional strength from each other. We welcome new candidates looking for a superb business opportunity, with a franchisor that is truly dedicated to their development and success.'

Ian Coombes, Caremark Somerset & Sedgemoor franchisee
Prior to becoming a Caremark franchisee I was running a care home company, which I've continued to do. I decided to join Caremark as I wanted to open an agency with a good brand. Although I looked at other care franchises, Caremark were the best.

In addition to two weeks' intensive training I received before launching my franchise in May 2007 I've had regular support from a support manager who comes to visit once a month. I feel I've made the right choice in joining Caremark as it provides a complete quality package and its policy and procedure are the best I've seen. Furthermore the business has unique selling points, for example Caremark sends people out to view carers and make sure they are doing their job properly.

My estimated turnover for year one is £420,000. Within the first three months of trading I'd broke even so I'm now making a profit. Additionally I'm in the process of opening my first satellite office and I've also bought the Bristol and Swansea regions. With the Caremark franchise if you follow what you are taught you will be successful and develop a profitable business.'