Be your own boss with a care franchise and really make a difference

Support and care franchises will continue to thrive as the population continues to age, making them an attractive prospect for long-term franchise owners.

Many people who consider buying a franchise do have a degree of uncertainty when choosing the industry to which it may relate.

This decision is an important one to make, as the franchise buyer has to be confident that the industry sector is suitable and they are entering into an agreement with a franchisor they can trust. With a great deal of pressure on the wider economy at present, the prospective franchise owner has further concern added when considering the longevity of the business investment.

Support at home is a market place that is predicted to grow as the population continues to age and there is to be less focus on residential care as time moves on. Supporting and caring for people in their own home, assisting with personal tasks and enabling them to live more independently is a rewarding business.

The satisfaction of knowing that your service is contributing to a genuine need of society and that each day brings both challenge and reward, has lead recently to a great deal of interest in the offering that this sector represents.

Working with the franchise owners, National Operations Director Sean Cragg, who heads up a support team of experienced and skilled Managers at Caremark, says: "One of the key attributes our franchise owners possess is a real desire to make a difference within their local communities. If you were to analyse our business, it would soon become apparent that our businesses are supporting people of all ages, from many differing backgrounds and with a diverse range of needs."

This, coupled with the significant growth of the network over the past three years, means that we have a business that offers true flexibility, opportunity and variety. The demands for the services it supplies are similar across the UK and a franchisor in this sector must heavily support the franchise owner in development of their business, irrespective of location.

"Our Support Managers are regionally based, allowing them to offer support with a local knowledge and not from arms length," continues Sean.

The social care sector has recently been highlighted in the political arena and more people now have a greater knowledge of the services that a care sector franchise will provide, either from personal experience or from the media. Caremark will help any interested party answer the questions that arise as they become more familiar with what is quite evidently an enormous industry and indeed, opportunity. The sweeping changes that are happening across the country mean it is an exciting time for the care sector, as now more people will have greater choice in the providers available to them and have more of an input into how they are supported.

This will mean that there will be greater opportunity for good providers to flourish and overall standards will improve. Governed by new legislation, private providers have to adapt to the new ways of working, again presenting both challenge and opportunity, ideally suited to a proven franchised system.

Reported by Fraser McKay