Caremark: Franchisees are lining up to discover the secret...

The secret is out and potential franchisees are flocking to Caremark to discover how they can tap into the multi-billion pound domiciliary care market with this whitecollar management opportunity.

Developed by Kevin Lewis, the brains behind one of the UK's most successful franchise operations, Caremark is expanding having already filled its first training course and with more potential franchisees lining up. To help support this first wave of franchisees Caremark has invested in brand new, purpose-built premises with dedicated training Facilities, appointed a Franchise Recruitment Manager and Support Manager.

The domiciliary care market - estimated at between £12b and £17b per year - is diverse, presenting numerous opportunities in untapped sectors in addition to care provision for the elderly. Franchisees will need to be passionate about their business, genuinely care for other people, be professional and dedicated to operating to the stringent Caremark standards. Caremark provides a formatted franchise package containing the essential tools you need to launch and develop a very exciting and thriving company.

Caremark is committed to delivering a comprehensive support package, which ensures it stays with franchisees and helps them build a successful and growing business. Caremark will ensure that franchisees are kept at the cutting edge of developments in the sector.

If you are looking for a white collar management franchise in a professional sector that is very satisfying and which provides enormous potential to build a solid repeat business, Caremark has the 'secret'.

The Package

Caremark provides a business format franchise with the package consisting of the following elements:



  • A comprehensive two week training programme
  • A complete stationery pack
  • A range of promotional materials to help implement an effective marketing strategy
  • Customised software to maximise business efficiency
  • A set of corporate uniform
  • Initial research and marketing of the territory
  • Membership of professional body
  • Appropriate fees for obtaining registration with the governing regulatory authority
  • A highly professional Operations Manual containing the valuable Caremark know- how and expertise
  • Licensing rights to operate under the Caremark Identity within the territory

    Franchise Package Price is £25k + VAT plus Working Capital.