It pays to join a franchise run by experts

When you start thinking seriously about investing in a franchise, you should also start thinking seriously about the best way to maximise your chances of success. The logical solution is to make sure that you join a winning team.

Whatever sector you are considering, whether you are an individual or a couple, it makes sound sense to look for a franchise that is well-established, with a proven record of success, a solid reputation, a multi-million-pound network of franchises, and a supportive management team run by sector experts. If you can confidently tick all of those boxes, you are heading in the right direction.

The team at franchise operator Caremark includes a number of home care experts. They have developed benchmark standards that are the envy of most franchise companies. In case you’re not familiar with the Caremark brand, the company provides care at home for a broad range of customers, including children and adults of all ages. Some have mental health needs or learning difficulties, while others have physical problems, or have recently returned home from hospital and need interim assistance to aid recovery.

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Leading the home care sector
Caremark operates at the leading edge of the home care market, training and supporting franchise owners, using proven methods that enable them to make a real difference in their communities. The company’s specialist expertise lies in enabling franchise owners to provide the high level of services sought by customers, medical practitioners, and healthcare organisations. Each of Caremark’s offices are managed by a ‘white collar’ franchise owner (who needs no medical experience) and a dedicated, well-trained professional staff delivers the care. They provide a much sought-after service for local communities by enabling people of all ages, abilities and ethnicities to continue living independently at home.

The Caremark formula follows an experience-based system that incorporates a clear strategy for business development and support. This unique focus has enabled the company to consistently exceed growth and development targets, thanks in no small part to the commitment of its enthusiastic, hands-on CEO, Kevin Lewis.

A fast-growing marketplace
Now is a great time to become involved in home care. It’s a flourishing growth sector, with increasing numbers of medical professionals promoting the considerable therapeutic benefits for the patient, and financial advantages for the NHS. The Caremark brand is respected by GPs, consultants, hospital managers, NHS Trust operators and social services throughout the UK, Ireland and overseas.

Another significant growth factor is the UK’s greatly increased life expectancy, which is creating much higher demand for health care for older people. The latest (2013) figures from the Office for National Statistics show that the UK population aged 80 or older is 2,696,867, a figure that is still growing year-on-year.

Why not join the Caremark team?
Although most franchises offer support to new franchise owners, the nature and level of that support varies considerably from one company to another. Some offer little more than a telephone helpline where the person on the phone is not responding with knowledge gained from personal hands-on experience, but simply reading answers from a list of FAQs.

However if you become a Caremark franchise owner, you will receive the highest possible level of support – not only at the beginning, but also onwards into the long-term future. You will benefit from expert training during a two-week residential course that will help you to gain confidence in running your own business. Your ongoing support will include regular visits from your Regional Support Manager. These enable you to have an expert answer your questions, give helpful advice and assess progress with the development of your business.

Caremark places great importance in maintaining regular and close contact with franchise owners, so you will receive at least one phone call every week, and a visit every month. In addition, regular regional meetings will help to keep things on a personal level and prove that you really are a significant member of the exclusive Caremark community.

Caremark offers a selection of comprehensive training packages for your staff. These are designed to improve their skills and help ensure that they are qualified to deliver the exceptional care for which Caremark is renowned. The company also has an ever-expanding training library of e-learning media that can be accessed over the internet at any time. Regular practical workshops are held throughout the year to provide hands-on opportunities for hearing about new care and operational developments, and learning tips and techniques to improve business efficiency.

Crucially, these workshops also function as a forum in which information and ideas can be exchanged. Then there’s the annual Caremark conference, an important occasion at which everyone gathers to pass on industry information and celebrate with awards the efforts of franchise owners. When you experience Caremark’s culture and support for yourself, you will soon understand why there are such high levels of brand loyalty among Caremark franchisee.

The Caremark brand opens doors
The credibility of the Caremark brand and the esteem in which the company is held, are valuable assets from which you will benefit considerably. The familiar Caremark name and logo make it possible to rapidly establish a viable business under an internationally known and valued brand name. These indispensable assets will help to ensure that your newly established franchise has the best possible start. From day one, there is the potential to earn a good income, and enjoy a high level of personal job satisfaction making a real difference to people in the local community.

Investing in a secure, respected company
Caremark’s success is highlighted by the fact that the company now has more than 85 offices throughout the UK and Ireland; there are currently with around 40 per cent of territories available, new franchise owners continuing to join the Caremark team. The company is always totally transparent about the costs of becoming a franchise owner. Investing in a Caremark franchise involves paying a one-off Franchise Fee of £32,950.

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That investment covers everything needed to start your business, especially the all-important licence for your defined territory. Full training, computer software and staff e-learning programme are included, plus many other essential items such as start-up stationery, promotional material and staff uniforms. Specialised guidance is given in using the company’s customised computer software, and pages are set up for you on the Caremark corporate website, together with the provision of email and hosting. The whole package is tied together by Caremark’s comprehensive home care business plan, which provides a step-by-step guide to getting your franchise on track and thriving. After the initial investment, you will need to pay a low monthly Management Service Fee that covers your ongoing business support.

It’s easy to become a Caremark franchisee
Typical Caremark franchisees come from a very wide variety of backgrounds. No business experience or particular abilities are necessary to take advantage of this investment opportunity, apart from general management skills and a reasonable standard of education.

Although experience of working in the care sector is not essential, you must have a genuine passion for ensuring that excellent care is provided to a variety of people, with needs ranging from learning and physical disabilities to the difficulties of old age.