Trained to succeed!

Starting a new Home Care business without the requisite training would be like attempting to run a marathon without the appropriate preparations in place beforehand. Foolish in the extreme and a sure way to fail, one would say.

Caremark recognise that a significant element of developing a successful and rewarding business is the training provided for new franchisees. The business itself is straightforward, but it operates in an industry which is highly regulate, bringing its own possible hazards. By educating and preparing all new franchisees to work within the dynamic but stringently regulated Care Industry, as well as training in the Caremark model, new business owners are given the best possible start.

Lynda Goldsmith, SIIRSM, National Training Manager with Caremark Central Support team, understands very clearly the importance of good training, not only for the new franchisees but also for all their care staff who will be responsible for delivering the service. In order to ensure that Caremark’s Training is of the highest quality, Lynda has taken the first steps to national recognition for Caremark, by becoming a specialist member of the International Institute of Risk & Safety Management. The Institute has a vision to ensure that health and safety becomes a priority for all and works closely with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

Lynda commented “It is essential that the Franchisor equips new Franchisees with a good underpinning knowledge of the Care Industry and the Caremark Methodology. We believe that all new Franchisees should be fully confident at the start of their business journey with us.”

Here, Lynda talks about her role and what she has recently been developing within Caremark’s Training Programme.

Tell us about your role within the Central Support Team.

“As National Training Manager, I ensure new Franchisees reach the standard of learning required to operate their business successfully from the outset, as well as making sure there is a seamless link to the on-going field support. Our Initial Training is continually updated to reflect the current market.”

What are some of the strengths of your Training Programme?

“We have to be able to take our new franchisees, who come from a wide range of backgrounds and experience, and educate them to run a Home Care business – a business that not only provides an extensive range of services, but does so to the highest standards. We strive to continually develop training that incorporates all styles of learning, ensuring that it is cost and time effective for everyone. It is vital that we support our Franchisees to provide the highest standard of training in Home Care, recognising and reflecting every aspect of each staff member’s role. We also produce training materials and resources that are realistic to the expectations of a workforce, which is primarily dispersed and involves lone working.”

How do you ensure all Franchisees have well trained Care and Support Workers?

“My role also includes developing the correct standard of training resources to enable Franchisees to equip every member of their staff team with full understanding of their role and responsibilities. Caremark have a suite of Inductions that comply with national training standards and truly reflect the expectations of the Social Care Industry. It is also important to cross reference our learning resources to national diplomas and certificates so that learners have evidence of their knowledge readily available when they embark on vocational learning and achievement”.

Have there been any new developments within the Caremark Training programme?

“Yes, these last months have seen some exciting changes. We have developed our own branded E Learning system which is underwritten by Health and Safety experts, meaning there is now no limit to the training that we can provide. This is totally relevant to providing care and support in a Home Care setting. We are able to up-skill learners about Caremark’s policies, procedures and documentation to be used. This ensures true reality in the training provided, empowering the learner with organisational knowledge and understanding. Additional training resources are also developed to accompany our E Learning to support evidence of knowledge required by regulatory bodies. As Health and Safety is a vital part of Social Care provision, our training system ensures that the legislative umbrella to our business is understood and complied with, at all times. It’s a fantastic ‘win-win’ situation!”

How would you summarise Caremark’s Training Programme?

“It would be ‘SMARTER’! Our training is based on SMARTER objectives:
Specific - clear, focussed and outcome based
Measurable - recognised milestones to map achievement
Achievable - learners are given confidence to succeed
Realistic - training of value to every role, based on facts and expectations
Time based - realistic timescales of achievement
Educational - there will always be success in learning, with full support
Respectful - learners are treated as professionals, recognising the value given to their role”

At the end of the day, high quality education and training is everything. With Lynda Goldsmith’s passion for excellence, Caremark Franchisees can be sure of always receiving the gold standard of Franchisee Training.

Written by Mary Wardell, Caremark Limited