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Caremark gives you the secret of financial independence...We all dream of a truly fulfilling life, one of rich experience, fun and freedom - but very few of us get the chance to achieve it. That's why you really should explore this exciting business opportunity.

Live the lifestyle you deserve

The market facts are impressive

  • The current spend on care in the UK is estimated to be worth in excess of £12 billion.
  • The UK population is ageing and will continue to do so during the first half of this century.

A true white-collar franchise...

A white-collar management franchise, Caremark focuses on the huge domiciliary care market, providing care staff to care homes, local authorities and private clients.

...With real personal fulfilment

Caremark Franchisees are highly competent professionals. They are committed and passionate about everything they undertake, and they genuinely care about other people. So as well as the financial rewards, a franchise in the care sector gives them personal satisfaction.

So your future's looking good

The proven Caremark formula means you can look forward to quick growth to very significant earnings. This financial success is the means to the most important end - the freedom to live your life the way you want to.

Welcome to Caremark.

  • Caremark focuses on the huge and growing domiciliary care market - representing a massive opportunity for Caremark Franchisees.
  • The current spend on care in the UK is estimated to be worth in excess of £12 billion.
  • Caremark is a true white-collar franchise - allowing your management skills to blossom.
  • You'll receive a fully-inclusive franchisee package - using Caremark's proven formula for success.
  • You'll enjoy ongoing support and business development from the Caremark UK Head Office.
  • You'll also gain real personal fulfilment.

'Caremark is a highly professional company offering a complete franchise package, comprehensive back-up and support and a very rewarding business opportunity."
Gordon Patterson, Leading UK Franchise Consultant

"I was looking for the right balance of control and flexibility to secure the future with the right management franchise and the business model that Caremark has for the care sector matched my requirements of co-operation and support."
Alan Jones, Caremark Franchisee

"I was looking for a Franchise with unlimited potential and a market that demonstrated excellent future growth. With the Aged population alone growing some 58% in the next 20 years and society choosing care in the home for so many needy people, Caremark met those criteria to the letter."
Carl Ward, Caremark Franchisee

"I know how to make your Caremark franchise a financial powerhouse, and I'll share that knowledge with you."
Kevin Lewis, Founder and Managing Director, Caremark Limited

Proven success
With over 20 years experience in the care industry, Kevin knows what he's talking about. He was the architect and driving force behind one of the UK's most successful care franchises. So he's uniquely placed to repeat this achievement, and you can be one of the carefully selected few to benefit.

Start making your dream a reality

Once you become a Caremark Franchisee your earnings potential is enormous. You'll enjoy all the advice and help you could wish for. It costs you nothing to find out more, but don't delay - there are only a finite number of franchise areas available.

You have everything to gain. Register your interest today...