Franchising opportunities with Caremark

Caremark is often described by well researched individuals as the leading franchisor in the care sector and was founded by industry expert Kevin Lewis, an inspirational and highly respected pioneer within the sector.

Caremark represents an opportunity to own and run a successful, profitable business with a significant turnover achievable and multi-site opportunities.

Some of Caremark’s expansion has come through referrals from Bank Managers, Franchise Solicitors, industry insiders and successful Franchise Owners. This in itself speaks volumes for the on-the-ground success and rates of growth that Caremark Franchise Owners are achieving.

Caremark’s professional selection process ensures that the most able individuals are appointed to territories where they will be able to maximise on the opportunity that Caremark offers. This white-collar franchise enables them to develop a business providing care and support in a social care industry worth in excess of £20 billion a year.

Unrivalled growth

The Caremark franchise opportunity is unrivalled within franchising in the care sector and Caremark Franchise Owners can indeed reinforce such claims. Caremark will, therefore, provide you with a full list of current Franchise Owners should your interest in the opportunity develop.

  • Since Caremark’s inception in 2005, the company has grown at a phenomenal rate, which is now set to exceed a £20 million turnover in
  • The population has been ageing and will continue to do so during the first half of this century.
  • There are now over 1 million people working in social care services.

The market is waiting, the potential is enormous and Caremark supports its Franchise Owners with more determination and rigour than any other care Franchisor.

High Standards of Care

It is no myth that there is a need for more high quality care providers. Caremark’s methodologies are tried and tested and the company takes measures to ensure that its network is delivering on its promises.

An expansive sector

The care sector is a large and exciting market in a climate where many other sectors are suffering from inescapable economic hardships.

At Caremark, we are looking to form a strong network by seeking partnerships with the highest calibre individuals and then providing them with a solid opportunity to underpin their success.

Franchise Owner Focus

Graham and Karen Precious (pictured right, top),
Caremark (East Riding)

Q. How have you found the support provided to you by the Caremark support team?
A. We have found the support fantastic. We had been Franchise Owners before for some considerable time, so it was very important to us that the support was very good. Everything we have asked for, we have received.

Q. What would you say were the main components of your success?
A. Hard work, commitment, experience of identifying and employing a good team who have the motivation to do what is asked of them.

Q. How do you intend to pursue excellence in your own business?
A. We intend to continue following the system and work in partnership with Head Office in all initiatives as well as providing the best service and investing in our staff.

Q. Do you think it is important to have care experience to operate a Caremark franchise?
No, I think it makes sense to be part of a franchise in this industry because it is very complex and you are a volume employer. Therefore, it is vital that we have the support of Head Office. With the right drive and determination I don’t think you do have to have any previous experience in a care environment.

Q. What kind of person do you think it takes to operate a Caremark franchise?
A. Somebody with entrepreneurial spirit, an eye for detail, drive, determination, commitment, ambition and understands the Franchise Owner/Franchisor relationship.

Q. Domiciliary care is often referred to as a very challenging sector to work in. To what extent do you agree with this and how have you coped with any challenges?
A. Yes I fully agree. In our circumstance I feel the vital ingredients are Karen and I working to our strengths and weaknesses. We have different roles in the business. Karen deals much more with the operations side of the business and is a natural at it. This allows me the freedom to concentrate on the brand and finance, whilst following the system is also key to success.

Support Team Member

Anne O’Rourke - Regional Support Manager (pictured right, bottom)

What made you join Caremark?
I saw a story in The Franchise Magazine about Caremark looking for more Regional Support Managers. Having worked in franchising for over 10 years – and with previous experience in the care sector – I was very interested. I had previously worked for Kevin Lewis before and knew he had a proven track record building successful businesses and working with him always offered opportunities for development.

What exactly do you do?
My role is the Regional Support Manager for the Southern Region and, as such, I offer support to 15 franchised businesses in the area. The role is varied as no two businesses are at the same stage of development. I provide support during the start-up phase, helping the Franchise Owner to find premises and key staff and ensuring that they achieve registration with the Care Quality Commission. On an ongoing basis, I provide guidance to the Franchise Owners in my region to ensure their businesses are compliant with the Essential Standards of Quality and Safety, the law and the Caremark Operating System.

I also assist Franchise Owners to develop strategies for business growth and monitor their businesses against Key Performance Indicators to ensure they are operating at optimum level and benefiting from shared best practice. I visit each of my Franchise Owners regularly and am always available by phone for any questions or support they need.

Do you enjoy the Caremark environment?
The Caremark team are very experienced and as equally committed as myself. Working in such an environment provides a great deal of support to me in my field-based role. Travelling around my region supporting Franchise Owners provides me with variety and, given that no two businesses are the same, no two days are the same. I enjoy the challenges this brings, as well as the rewards. It is great when a Franchise Owner completes a task or achieves a goal knowing that I have contributed to that in some way.