Caremark: A varied management business opportunity in the care sector

Domiciliary Care is a growing area of the social care sector, and Caremark is seeking individuals with a passion to make a difference to join its development of a national network of care providers

Domiciliary care is an essential service for people who require care and assistance, but who still wish to remain living in their own homes. By providing support and assistance to such individuals, Caremark is able to help improve the lives of so many people in need of care. Services provided can range from personal care, such as bathing or dressing, to help with shopping and light domestic duties.

One of Caremark's existing clients was introduced to the service by her district nurse. After a long period living on her own she was finding daily tasks more and more difficult. A meeting with a Caremark Care Manager was organised and within two days she was receiving a daily visit from a Caremark carer who now assists her with personal care and shopping.

By encouraging independence and providing a regular and consistent service, Caremark succeeds in making a very positive contribution to the wellbeing of their clients. Caremark franchisees are able to provide these services by recruiting and training care staff who care for clients living in their own homes. Working closely within various sectors of the care market, Caremark provides a varied business opportunity for those looking for a management franchise that requires motivation, business development and staff management skills.

Caremark launched its first franchise in 2006 and is building the foundations of a strong network. There are currently 17 offices in the UK and a Master Franchise in Ireland. Recruiting the right franchisees is a critical step in the success of the Caremark network and time is spent introducing prospective franchisees to the Caremark concept.

'Our aim is to provide potential franchisees with all the information they require to enable them to make a fully informed decision,' explains Franchise Manager Sean Cragg. 'It is extremely important to us that anyone interested in a care franchise takes the time to investigate the industry and understand the options available to them. We pride ourselves on offering a highly professional business opportunity that supports and guides our franchisees from their initial meeting, to the first day of business and throughout the life of their franchise.'

Caremark is confident that 2008 will be an exciting and positive year for continued expansion throughout the UK. Existing franchisees, already surpassing expected levels of trading, will continue to grow. Many new franchisees taking up the Caremark opportunity will be starting in business for the first time and enjoying the excitement that it brings. More importantly, the availability of personal care provision to the very highest standards will increase across the country.

'The care sector is undergoing many changes and is under constant review. It is essential we recruit the right calibre franchisees and ensure that each of our prospective franchisees has the right motivation to own a Caremark business,' says Managing Director Kevin Lewis. 'The care sector needs organisations that are managed professionally and confidently, where the emphasis is on providing the very highest standards of care. Caremark's mission is to achieve greatness in domiciliary care and we will realise this through a combination of a careful selection procedure for new franchisees and a commitment to provide each of those franchisees with the very best possible support.'

Franchisee Diary
Alan Jones, Leeds

I chose to become a Caremark franchisee as I felt that, with it being a young business, I would be able to make a difference and be able to input some ideas. I also liked the fact that I would have the back up of Caremark's founder Kevin Lewis, who has a lot of experience in this industry. Additionally Caremark's business model really appealed to me and I liked their policies and procedures.

Before I launched my Leeds-based franchise in June 2007 I was working in the financial services sector, so I had no experience within the home care industry. Although I'd looked at franchises in other sectors I felt that domiciliary care was the right industry for me as I never saw myself as a man in a van and I felt this sector would give me a great opportunity for management. I really enjoy the fact that I can apply skills I've gained in my previous employment and transfer them to a new sector, for example developing my business using my sales skills.

My turnover is £102,000 at the moment and my target turnover for this year is £182,000, which I should reach. As Leeds is one of the larger Caremark franchise territories when I signed up I only wanted to cover the East Leeds area, however in my second year of trading I feel I will be ready to cover the entire Leeds region and, due to the flexibility of Caremark, I will be able to purchase the rights for West Leeds as well.


  • Caremark focuses on the huge and growing domiciliary care market - representing a massive opportunity for Caremark franchisees
  • The current spend on social care in the UK is estimated to be worth in excess of £19 billion
  • The UK population is aging and will continue to do so
  • Caremark is a true white-collar franchise - allowing your management skills to blossom
  • You can gain real personal fulfilment from delivering a superb care service into your local community

Text: Stacy Meachim