Maximum Growth Opportunity Caremark charts 35% month-on-month growth for 2 years

With a market worth an estimated £20bn and poised for further growth as the population ages, Caremark is establishing a network of home care franchises with a commitment to quality of service nationwide

With 2008 now on its way to becoming a distant memory the focus on 2009 has really started. The Caremark network experienced substantial achievement in 2008, running seven Franchisee Training Courses and welcoming 18 new franchise owners. This success is set to be repeated and expanded upon this year.

The flagship office in rural West Sussex, Caremark (Pulborough), was the first Caremark to open its doors in late 2005 and is the blueprint for Caremark businesses around the country, with a fantastic turnover for 2008 being reached. Not only has Caremark (Pulborough) earned an excellent CSCI rating (the highest accolade a care business can be awarded), it has also won tenders for two local Extra Care Schemes and continues to grow at a significant rate.

This success perfectly positions Caremark to support its 31 franchised offices and grow its business, which it has successfully been doing since early 2006.

'We will continue to grow the Caremark network through franchising as this is truly the best way to ensure the quality of the service we provide is second to none,' says Managing Director Kevin Lewis. 'Our franchise owners are 100 per cent dedicated to carrying out the Caremark Mission of 'achieving greatness in the provision of domiciliary care' and we intend to ensure all our franchise owners follow this mission. We will be welcoming many new franchise owners to the network throughout the year ahead and I am confident that many of our existing Franchise Owners will be looking to expand into further territories.'

Two of Caremark's franchise owners currently have multiple territories and it is one of Caremark's aims to support Franchise Owners if they wish to expand into adjacent areas. As the Caremark network grows in size, so does the credibility of the brand. Caremark prides itself on providing the very best in care services and strives to develop with the growing needs of the care sector. The links that Caremark offices have with care organisations across the country proves that the services Caremark provide are increasingly required.

The domiciliary, or home care sector as it is often known, has been growing year on year since the introduction of the 'Community Care Act' in 1993 which promoted 'Care in the Community'. The market today is enormous, estimated to be worth in excess of £20 billion per annum. The Caremark network has followed this with a growth of 33 per cent month on month for the past two years, a true indication of the calibre and dedication of the franchise owners.

'The owner of a good solid professional care franchise can build a hugely profitable business, but equally will reap far greater rewards from knowing that often vulnerable clients are receiving the very best care in their own homes as a result of his/her business,' explains Franchise Manager Emma Parker. 'At Caremark we fully understand the needs of our clients and this is absolutely fundamental to the development of our business.

'We are looking for like minded individuals who are truly passionate about providing the very best care service to their local community. If you have a strong management background and want to investigate what a business in care could do for you please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to introduce you to the exciting opportunities available.'

Reported by Caremark