Caremark has more experience under one roof than any other care franchise

This is Kevin Lewis - the Founder and Managing Director of Caremark. He was the architect and driving force behind one of the UK's most successful care franchises and is keen to repeat this experience with you. Together Caremark will grow into a thriving and successful franchise organisation with an enviable reputation.

'I have over 20 years of experience in the industry and still enjoy the same drive and passion for my franchisees to be successful. This may be hard to believe, but I am even more passionate and committed to our franchisees' success than I have ever been. We have a successful business model and I want to ensure our franchisees have the best possible start with our ongoing help and support.'

Reasons why you should choose Caremark...

The Support:
Alongside Kevin is a team of Support Managers, who have excellent business management and development experience. A number of the team also have specific experience of building a domiciliary care business from a standing start, which will be invaluable for new franchisees as they join the network. They will be regularly visiting franchisees to ensure they are meeting predicted growth targets, offering advice, support and encouragement; both initially and on an ongoing basis. With unrivalled experience in this area we can give you access to all our knowledge and expertise, our tried and tested policies and procedures, and all the tools you need to build a successful and thriving company.

Caremark support is the best in the business. We know that this industry is not 9-5 and because of that, all our franchisees have access to a Support Manager and Kevin on a 24 hour basis. How many companies are so dedicated to your success and continued growth?

A Quality Service:
So what makes Caremark services so different from our competition? The quality of support and advice that we give to our franchisees extends beyond our network and into the homes of our clients. We have received consistent praise from our clients, their families and the organisations we work with; recognising the high quality of Caremark staff - including our carers. This exceptional level of quality gives Caremark a huge advantage over any competition as we truly believe that our staff, from franchisees, to support, to carers, are all a part of the Caremark team and are dedicated to providing an exceptional quality of service within our communities.

Become a Franchisee:
Caremark Franchisees are a special kind of people. They recognise an excellent business opportunity, they are committed and passionate about everything they undertake, they demand the highest standards from themselves and their colleagues, and they genuinely care about other people. If that sounds like you, then register your interest - today!