Support structure boosts franchisee's success

Management franchise Caremark has provided franchisee Farina Tayub with the opportunity to build and develop a successful business


farina tayub, caremark, east leeds Four months ahead of schedule Farina Tayub has already reached her first year turnover target and has plans to develop her Leeds based business. She explains: 'In May or June I'm looking to expand into West Leeds and next year I want to be in a position to take on another territory. There is definitely the business there for me to expand as I've had a great deal of interest and a lot of referrals.'

Farina launched her Caremark franchise in March 2008 after discovering the company on the internet. 'Before I launched my franchise I was working as an accountant,' she recalls. 'However as I was unhappy with what I was doing and tired of working hard for someone else, I decided to set up my own business. 'I found out about the Caremark franchise on the internet while I was researching domiciliary care franchises. The main reason Caremark stood out for me above the other care franchises available was the experience of its Managing Director Kevin Lewis, who has not only been in this industry for over 20 years but has already been the founder of another very successful domiciliary care franchise.'

Caremark is a white-collar management franchise that provides home care services to vulnerable groups in society such as the elderly, disabled and those with learning difficulties. The company has created a strong brand identity that is respected within the care industry and franchisees often work alongside social services. As part of the Caremark franchise package, franchisees complete a two-week training course that covers all aspects of owning and operating a Caremark business. Additionally, franchisees receive ongoing support from head office.

Farina continues: 'The support I have received has been tremendous. In my first few months of trading head office staff visited me monthly. Since then individuals from head office have come up whenever I've needed extra support. Furthermore, there is always someone at the end of the phone if I need immediate help.'

In addition to the training and support provided by head office the Caremark franchise package also includes promotional materials, corporate uniform, stationery package, initial research and marketing, membership of a professional body, initial fees to obtain registration with the governing regulatory authority, operations manual and licensing rights.

Many Caremark franchisees have not only benefited their local communities with the service they provide, but have also seen an improvement to their standard of living. 'My lifestyle has gotten better since launching my franchise,' comments Farina.

In order to capitalise on the success she has had and develop her business further Farina is set to strengthen her management team with her husband joining the franchise. She says: 'My husband, who is a cancer research scientist, will be joining me soon and together we are planning to expand the business further.'

Reported by Derin Ibrahim