The start of something new

More and more people are looking to franchising as a route for starting their own business, as it offers the security of a proven model with a quality known brand as support. This concept is truer still in the home-care sector, where policy, procedure and compliance are fundamental to the success of the business.

Caremark has produced a business model that has remained both relevant and commercial, in a sector which is constantly evolving. Two factors which contribute to this are: the model embraces diverse ways of delivering care and support, thus keeping pace with the changing needs of the public it serves. Secondly, being competitively priced, it has remained accessible to a broad range of potential investors. Commenting on the way the business has evolved in order to remain at the top of the market, Caremark CEO, Kevin Lewis says: “To my mind, every change represents a potential new opportunity for our business and the possibility for continued growth in the network."

This is a philosophy Caremark looks for in its new franchise owners. The company recognises individuals who are looking to build a dynamic business within a sector with guaranteed growth (the older population is due to grow by 76 per cent over the coming 25 years), alongside their desire to make a difference in the community they will serve.

While a home-care business can be both demanding and highly regulated, it presents an exciting and rewarding opportunity. It requires franchise owners with drive, ambition, long-term vision and a belief in the franchisor’s system. Couple this with Caremark’s exceptional support team (a ratio of one Regional Support Manager to 15 franchise owners is the only way Caremark franchise owners can receive continuity in the level of support required to build a successful business, which meets the requirements of the four UK regulatory bodies) and you will have the tools required to meet those challenges head on.

So, where in the UK is it best to set up your new business? As care is increasingly a ‘must have’ service in every town, village and city, one is spoilt for choice.

The challenge of taking on uncharted territory is exciting. However, it takes the right type of person to make it work. If you believe you have the attributes above and believe in the strength of the business model, you could be on track towards building a solid business – whether in a rural or urban environment.

Franchise owners, Richard and Emily Magrath, Caremark North Down, Ards & Belfast, saw the opportunity in Caremark’s business model and moved to be the first Caremark franchise owners in Northern Ireland. This dynamic couple gained their Registration and Quality Improvement Authority (RQIA) approval at the end of May this year and have had a great start to their business.

Commenting on the launch of their new business, Director for Caremark North Down, Ards & Belfast, Emily Magrath, says: “This is an exciting time to be involved in the care sector, as the need for home-care services is increasing all the time. I feel sure the people who come to work for us will gain great satisfaction in helping to improve the quality of people’s lives. We never forget that every one of our clients is a unique individual with personal likes, dislikes, interests and needs, so we take great care to match our care workers to clients, to ensure a truly personalised service.”

It is this level of care and service, while working to the Caremark model, that is helping Richard and Emily achieve their professional and personal goals (see their story on the next page).

To investigate the Caremark franchise offering and discover how it may be your route to a rewarding new business, contact Claire Collins, Franchise Recruitment Manager for an informal discussion.