Caremark: We're Passionate and committed to your success

Domiciliary Care continues to be an ever growing industry and with this comes the demand for professional Home Care Providers...

In such a highly regulated industry you could be forgiven for thinking that it is fundamental to have experience of working within the sector. However the support and mentorship that Caremark provides allows people with a passion for care to enter into an exciting business that offers such a genuinely personal reward.

Operating since early 2005 and franchising since 2006, Caremark is becoming known for its experience and understanding in providing the highest standards of care. With a network of 14 offices and a newly appointed Master Franchisee for Ireland, the Caremark business continues to develop, with some superb individual trading performances amongst the network.

Committed to recruiting suitable franchisees, Caremark takes pride in its recruitment process. 'Working in such a sensitive industry requires diligence and determination,' says Franchise Manager Sean Cragg.

'Caremark franchisees are individuals who understand the need for supporting their clients and staff alike and who believe in the Caremark philosophy. They are motivated and business minded, seeking real fulfilment from managing a dedicated workforce.'

Caremark founder and Managing Director Kevin Lewis has an impressive record in both business development and care franchising. He was the architect and driving force behind one of the UK's most successful care franchises and will surpass this achievement with Caremark, growing the company into a thriving and successful franchise organisation with an enviable reputation. Kevin has over 20 years' experience in the industry and has the same drive and passion for franchisees to be successful. 'I am even more passionate and committed to our franchisees' success than I have ever been,' Kevin explains.

Caremark franchisees receive ongoing, committed support from the moment they choose a Caremark franchise. 'We are here to support you each step of the way, advising you on the development of your business,' explains Onicah Pfidze, one of Caremark's Support Managers. 'Our proven policies and procedures and comprehensive operations manual are the blueprint for our management franchise. Following our initial two week comprehensive training course, each franchisee has the knowledge to start their Caremark business with confidence.'

The responsibility that comes with being franchisor is taken very seriously at Caremark, understanding the social care sector, the needs of the more vulnerable people in our society and the professional requirements of the industry are an absolute pre-requisite. This depth of knowledge and experience is second to none at Caremark, providing franchisees with every available opportunity to succeed in a fast growing market.

Looking at the options open to a prospective franchisee, Caremark offers the distinctive package that has adapted and grown over 20 years, always meeting the changing needs of the care sector. This development will continue, giving Caremark franchisees the confidence of knowing they will always be working at the forefront of the industry. There has never been a better time to investigate what a franchise in care can offer you.

  • Caremark focuses on the huge and growing domiciliary care market - representing a massive opportunity for Caremark franchisees
  • The current spend on social care in the UK is estimated to be worth in excess of £19 billion
  • The UK population is aging and will continue to do so
  • Caremark is a true white-collar franchise - allowing your management skills to blossom
  • You can gain real personal fulfilment from delivering a superb care service into your local community

Franchisee Profile
Carl Ward, Caremark Kingston franchisee
"Having sold my successful car franchise in 2002, I was looking forward to retirement and ended up living in South Africa. I soon found that the ex-pat life wasn't for me and I actually found myself getting bored. I wanted a fresh challenge and realised that I should look for a new business opportunity. I had some experience of franchising so I knew that this would be the best route to success and looked at what was available. I wanted to invest in a business with a strong market that I would be able to develop into a serious prospect and I found this with Caremark.

"The first thing Caremark advised me to do was to employ a Care Manager who would be able to bring care-expertise to the business. When a suitable candidate was found, Caremark put us both through a period of extensive training. Before the launch we were fully prepared to start running a successful business. Focusing on local marketing though promotions, mailshots and advertising the business has performed excellently. We are ahead of our targets and despite only launching in July 2006 we have experienced extremely good growth. Already the business is showing an annualised turnover of almost £500,000 - I have to say Caremark has phenomenal potential.

"The business has grown very fast and it's good to know that Caremark provides a good level of support to its franchisees. From IT support to regional representation, Caremark makes sure we provide the best possible service we can. This to me is important, as I feel that domiciliary care is important work. We have to get it right and, because we do, I find the work incredibly rewarding.

"If you are considering a Caremark Franchise, I would say that ideally it is beneficial to have management experience but the most important thing is to have strong business acumen.

"The Caremark Franchise also focuses on training and support in recruitment as it is vital to have the best carers out there - their valuable service is key to the ongoing success of the business."