Cargocall trains to gain

Gary Clere, Cargocall’s founder, explains how his company’s comprehensive training programme is one of the keys to its success.

Here at Cargocall, we see training as a cornerstone for the success of our franchise owners. Like most industries, the freight and logistics industry has its technicalities and jargon and it is vital our franchise owners are familiar with these before they begin dealing with customers and suppliers.

We also believe that every industry has an “environment” and understanding it helps franchise owners to keep in step with the way things operate.

Again, it is why we build this understanding of the environment into our training programme. However, no matter how much initial time is devoted to franchise owner training, there remains the fact that learning on the job is part of growing in confidence and expertise. Ongoing support is, therefore, vital and we make sure our franchise owners are given personal support and not just referred back to a training manual or operations manual. Talking things through or having answers given directly by email are essential day-to-day expectations of any franchise owner along with the facility for in-territory visits from the franchisor.