The world at your fingertips with a Cargocall franchise

International Freight Forwarding is a multi-billion dollar industry that the business world relies on every day of the week. Cargocall has a proven track record in the supply and management of international transport solutions to business

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For many the motivation to run their own successful business is accompanied by the need to do something a little more exciting and more business-like. A Cargocall franchise offers just that opportunity because this is a franchise that sits right in the middle of the international business world, where goods are traded and shipped across continents.

Cargocall provides worldwide transport solutions to businesses, but you'll never have to buy a warehouse, truck or invest in anything more than a decent office and communications equipment to operate our franchise. You'll be right at the heart of making things happen for customers who need their goods efficiently moved from one country to another. These companies include small enterprises that are just beginning to import or export right up to blue chip household names that need brilliant supply chain management - all possible with Cargocall.

Our vision is to deliver brilliance and innovation in one-stop freight forwarding through worldwide franchising.

A Cargocall franchise is for professionally minded people who thrive on a little pressure and want to expand their horizons through operating a business which engages with the wider world. We'll help you do that with a proven business system in a vibrant market where customers want to do business with people they can trust and rely on. Cargocall also has the ambition and vision to become a global brand which means great benefits to franchisees within the network - every franchise will have the potential for business opportunities with others in the network both in the UK and overseas.