Cartridge Green

In advance of its imminent launch in the UK, we take a look at this exciting franchise model and find out how Cartridge Green has become a market leader in only four years...

Founded only four years ago, Cartridge Green is already Ireland’s leading franchised supplier of printer cartridges for home and business users.

According to Cartridge Green’s Director of Franchising Nik Healy: “The Cartridge Green business model was developed, tested and perfected in Ireland for the roll out in the UK.

In only four years our business has achieved significant double digit, year-on-year growth against the backdrop of the worst ever economic crisis.” Nik added: “The potential for the Cartridge Green franchise model in the UK is huge, particularly when you consider the much higher population densities and lower levels of competition in comparison to Ireland.”

Cartridge Green is now looking for entrepreneurs to emulate their success in Ireland and develop the brand into the number one franchised supplier of printer cartridges in the UK.

96% of customers stay with Cartridge Green

“Most people who have used generic or refilled printer cartridges go back to using more expensive branded originals but 96% of customers stay with Cartridge Green,” Nik added.

One of the success factors for Cartridge Green has been its development and rollout of new and innovative products and services. “Our products and services are underpinned by our ongoing focus on product quality, with our products carrying an ISO certification,” added Nik.

Products and services such as Club Cartridge Green, Toner Watch and Pay Per Page are designed to offer fantastic value to the customer but more importantly, long term residual income and greater profits for the franchisee.

Club Cartridge Green

For home users, Club Cartridge Green is an annual membership offered exclusively by Cartridge Green, where members receive a year’s supply of ink plus a new all-in-one printer for just £129. This membership gives home users the peace of mind to print as much as they want – when they want – without worrying about the cost of ink.

Toner Watch

Toner Watch is a free service, exclusive to Cartridge Green business customers where Cartridge Green monitor customers’ printer supply levels to ensure that they never run out of toner. Cartridge Green will then arrive with replacement cartridges exactly when they need them. This releases cash by eliminating the need to keep a stock of replacement printer cartridges and ensures that printers are never without supplies.

Pay Per Page

Pay Per Page for business is a revolutionary new way for businesses to pay for their printing. It allows businesses to only pay for the pages they print, eradicating the need to buy or hold a stock of printer cartridges and converts their printing cost into a utility.

The branding that sets Cartridge Green apart

The founders of Cartridge Green, Nik Healy and Niall McConnell have made it their particular mission to jealously guard their brand image and this applies across their extensive range of product branding and marketing materials. According to Nik: “Cartridge Green is setting itself apart as the viable quality alternative to more expensive original branded printer cartridges and, as such, our brand needs to reflect that.” Niall added: “We firmly believe that if you don’t value your brand, neither will your customer. The professionalism of Cartridge Green should be immediately evident every time you walk into one of our stores, place a business order, use our products, see our vans on the road, notice our outdoor advertising or hear our message on the radio.”

5 reasons you should consider a franchise with Cartridge Green...

  1. Ongoing support including mentoring
  2. Annual growth despite recession
  3. Environmentally friendly product
  4. B2B and B2C revenue
  5. Proven business model

The franchise package

Franchise Investment: £59,950

Cartridge Green offers a complete solution that gets your business up and running in less than two months. It includes:

  • Advice on finding the right premises and lease terms
  • Staff recruitment support
  • Store planogram, design and fit-out
  • Full training and support for your team
  • Operational procedures and store management solutions
  • All equipment and initial stock of products required
  • Sales training and planning
  • Unlimited support to help you grow your own business

Affordable start up cost with a quick return on investment

Premises needed
Ground-floor premises,
70-80 sqm

Staff needed
1 Business Account Manager,
1 Store Operator