A DAY IN THE LIFE Cartridge World’s Jayne Colbeck

Along with her husband Andy, Jayne Colbeck is the joint franchisee of Cartridge World’s store in the Yorkshire seaside resort of Scarborough. As well as being a key member of the store’s four-person team, Jayne is mother to six-year-old twins, Zak and Oliver. The family take in overseas students and she even finds time to keep fit!

6:00 Three days a week I go the gym. At the moment we’re doing a boot camp which meant jumping into the sea – it was freezing!

7:00 Back home to get the boys up, give them breakfast and out to school. Amidst all this I make four packed lunches. Actually six right now – two extras for the German students.

8:30 I walk the boys to school and then home to grab some breakfast of my own. Running your own business gives me greater flexibility, which is essential when you’ve got a family to look after.

9:30 I arrive at the store. It’s only a 10 minute commute which is perfect. Our two staff members open up for us and cover things until we arrive. My role within the business is looking after walk in customers and admin. So it is about checking emails, sorting any issues and taking customer orders. I also do some of the business customer deliveries. You still can’t beat face-to-face interaction for cementing relationships.

11:00 I’m also responsible for stock control. On a daily basis I check that we have enough inks, toner and boxes for our printer cartridges. We promote ourselves as ‘the printing experts’. While not regularly involved in the technical side, Cartridge World support and training means I know how to recommend the right printer to suit the customer’s needs and service printers.

12:00 Time for our staff to take a break. Lunch is taken at my desk. While I’m munching away I am also paying bills, checking VAT returns and the best bit – getting the takings ready to go to the bank!

13:00 Every afternoon I work on marketing. Cartridge World has a bespoke email system set-up, so I can email customers with our latest monthly promotions. Support like this is another great reason for franchising. I also like being a part of a network. It’s a kind of club and there are always people to talk to if you need help. Of course, in the early days we required a lot more support from our franchisor – who was always there whenever we needed them.

14:50 Four days out of five I collect the boys from school at 3:00pm. I’m lucky that I don’t often have to take work home.

17:00 I prepare an evening meal. Both Andrew and I are trained chefs, so cooking is second nature to me.

19:00 Our mealtime. When it’s just the two of us it’s a great time to discuss any business matters. For some reason the boys think that the store is mine and Andy just happens to work there!

22:30 Bed and maybe a little time to reflect on what buying a franchise has done for us. It’s been a financial success. We’ve moved three times – always to better houses. Cartridge World gives us a good work/life balance. We now live five minutes from the beach, which is bliss!