Cartridge World’s Italian job

Franchisees and staff at two Cartridge World stores: Littlehampton in Sussex and Rotherham in Yorkshire have just enjoyed an all-expenses paid trip to Italy courtesy of the company’s paper suppliers, Fedrigoni. The two-day trip was a reward for topping the company’s paper sales’ league table.

“Fedrigoni is one of Europe’s leading paper manufacturers,” says Ashley Smith, owner of Cartridge World Rotherham. “Annually their factories produce 350,000 tonnes of the stuff which is shipped all over the continent, including the UK. They’re based in Fabriano, which is about 45 miles inland from the Adriatic Coast.”

Ashley was joined by his wife, Katie, Graham Burgess owner of Cartridge World, Littlehampton and his colleague, David Millward. The party flew into Ancona and then made the 45 minute journey inland to Fedrigoni’s factory in Fabriano, a medieval town in the foothills of the Apennines. They were accompanied by Fred Haynes and Albert Hussein from Fedrigoni’s UK operation.

Amongst a whole host of different elements of the paper making industry, the party watched wood pulp pouring into machinery at one end of the factory and then coming out as beautiful white paper at the other end. “One of the things we learnt is that Cartridge World paper is good quality and low in paper dust which reduces wear and tear on your printer,” Ashley comments.

“It’s important that we reward staff for their hard work for me and for the brand,” Graham Burgess adds. “David Millward is one of our longest serving members of staff, so this trip was well deserved. The Italian’s hospitality was superb. As a former chef he knows a thing or two about food and wine. David also happens to speak Italian. “He’s been to Italy plenty of times before. In fact the staff at one of the restaurants wouldn’t accept a tip from us because his Italian was so good!”