Casa Italia

The Italian experience

The concept

Founded by visionary entrepreneur Fox Hardegger, Casa Italia was created to “stand for something good” in all aspects of our business, including the exceptional team we hire and train, the honest ingredients making up our menu, our community engagement and the design of our stores. This commitment drives our goal to be the best Italian comfort food restaurant in the world, for the world and for our team.

Due to the product mix we carefully select, our restaurants attract a steady stream of customers from early morning until late at night. The secret of our success is simple. We keep the demand for our food high throught the day by catering to different needs: specialty coffee and pastries in the morning; pizza, panini and greens for lunch and dinner; premium gelato in the afternoon and evening. The unique mix generates more revenue, more profits and higher customer patronage than any other F&B concepts in the market.

The opportunity

Our story how we generate revenues

  • Direct Restaurant Ownership: we own restaurants in selected locations and benefit from the profits generated.
  • Restaurant Franchising: we franchise our brand and benefit from franchising fees and royalties.
  • Equipment Sales: we act as the direct distributor for all the major equipment needs of our restaurants. Our franchise owners benefit from lower prices and we benefit from the distribution margins.
  • Food Production: we produce directly the majority of the food served in our restaurants. Our franchise owners benefit from the increased quality and we benefit from the production margins.
  • FMCG Manufacturing: we are gearing up to produce selected products (cold-brew and gelato) for sale at food-markets, hotels, retail chains, etc. We benefit from the manufacturing margins and from the increased brand exposure.