Pawnbrokers – The Original Recession Proof Business

While the welfare state brought with it a decline to pawnbrokers in the mid-20th century, recent public spending cuts and the economic climate have further accelerated the industry’s growth. With the banks unwilling to lend, savvy consumers are realising the merits of a pawnbroking loan and with this demand for alternative credit comes a great business opportunity. The number of pawnbrokers in the UK confirms this, as it continues to rise at around 10 per cent per year.

Aside from the demand created by the economic climate, in recent years the industry has made huge strides forward in changing people’s perceptions and removes the Dickensian image of yesteryear. Cash & Cheque Express has created stores that are a blend between high street retail and a bank environment. Light, clean and inviting – customers find their experience friendly, professional and ultimately successful in providing a solution to their individual financial needs.

The Cash & Cheque Express franchise offering perfectly dovetails into the pawnbroking service with other revenue streams such as gold buying, buy and sell pre-owned goods, payday advance, third party cheque cashing and Western Union Money Transfer. 
 Cash & Cheque Express has 15 stores to date across the UK and is rapidly growing with many others in the pipeline.

old traditions, new visions...

Cash & Cheque Express offer a wide range of services including buying and selling quality pre-owned goods, pawnbroking and offering fast and convenient ways to short-term lending.

Cash & Cheque Express has combined old traditional values with a new vision to produce a business opportunity that the high street consumer wants and the UK market has a real need for.

Our ‘Pick & Mix’ concept enables prospective franchisees to tailor their own store to suit their own personal needs. This fl exible business model, with our professional and friendly support, ensures that you, the franchisee, get the business you want.