Cash Generator: A brand new 'Metropportunity'

After four years spent developing and perfecting the 'Metro' store concept, Cash Generator's Julian Urry is ready for nationwide growth

'I wanted to adapt the business model to make it easier for quality potential franchisees to enter into our business with a lower capital requirement than would be necessary to open a full size store,' says Managing Director Julian Urry.

'The 'Metro' store also means that overheads can be dramatically reduced. The lower property rentals, business rates and reduced staffing requirements lead to a significant reduction in operating costs versus the larger store model.

'Another benefit of this model is the ease of management. It provides new and existing franchisees with an opportunity to open multiple sites far quicker, enabling the more ambitious to achieve their goals.'

Franchise Director Robin Page is extremely pleased to be able to offer a choice of store concepts, which will help some fans of Cash Generator to get their own businesses up and running faster than before.

'This new development of in-store design created enormous interest when we launched it at the British Franchise Exhibition in Manchester in January,' he reports. 'My advice is to act quickly if our franchise interests you, and besides meeting you at our head office we can offer free tickets for the British & International Franchise Exhibition in London and make appointments to meet our Directors on our stand.'

Renowned as an innovative and highly successful franchise, Cash Generator predicts exciting future growth in profits for its franchise network.

'Between now and the summer several new initiatives are being rolled out and all will add to the profit potential of every store,' says Julian. 'Watch this space!'

New franchisee Carl Windsor reveals: 'I always admired the Cash Generator concept but thought I could not afford the franchise. Now I believe I will be able to thanks to the 'Metro' concept and I look forward to joining the company as a franchisee in the coming weeks.'