Success in store for Cash Generator franchise owner Rysia

In recent years, franchisors have identified that their female franchise owners are some of their most successful, in what is typically a male dominated industry. Rysia McCallum is one of Cash Generator’s most successful female franchise owners.

Rysia McCallum, who exudes entrepreneurial spirit, opened her first Cash Generator store in Lowestoft in August 2008, which was named New Store of the Year by Cash Generator in 2008/09. After 18 months of hard work, she is now in a position to plan the opening of her second store, working towards her ambition of six stores.

Rysia’s dedication, drive, and desire to succeed are at the heart of all she does and her store in Lowestoft has certainly benefited from this approach.

Since opening her first store, Rysia smashed all targets in the first year and she has had a fantastic second year. She initially developed a passion for franchising when she picked up a complimentary copy of The Franchise Magazine at Norwich Airport in July 2007. With plans to invest in a property abroad, it was at this point that Rysia discovered Cash Generator and the potential to invest in a profitable business.

Driven by enthusiasm for her future, Rysia made contact with Cash Generator to request an application pack and attended an open day at the company’s head office in Bolton.

Rysia explains: “After many years of working in financial services and as a civil servant, I decided the time was right to embark on a fresh and exciting career challenge that would provide a profitable investment opportunity.

“Travel is a passion of mine so I took to the skies and travelled the globe looking at property, particularly in South Africa and Canada. However, after reading The Franchise Magazine, the concept of investing in a franchise became a clear path to take so I spent some time researching potential opportunities.

“Cash Generator really stood out. It is a solid industry and the company provided multi-income streams which weather all economic conditions. With a background in finance, I knew that I could do well, and was keen to open up in Lowestoft as I believed a Cash Generator store would thrive in the town centre.”

With a site in Lowestoft secured, Rysia underwent eight weeks of intensive CIPD approved training, provided by Cash Generator, and was soon ready to open up.

“The support Cash Generator offered me was integral to my decision as this was the first time I had set up my own business and I was not disappointed. My initial fear of the task ahead as a female franchise owner in such a male-orientated industry was short lived, as the backing from Cash Generator is first class.

“The first two years have been hard work but definitely worthwhile. The store in Lowestoft is going from strength to strength. My advice to women looking for a career in franchising is to pick a franchise that is of interest to you so you can sustain the passion for what you’re doing. I’m very lucky that I still enjoy going into work every day.

“I would also recommend that females in franchising stand strong and hold their nerve as there may be testing times during the first few months. As I have found, initial judgement tends to be the right course of action.”

With expectations surpassed, outstanding figures secured and a solid and encouraging start to her new business, Rysia can now concentrate on expanding as she sets out to build an empire of six stores and organically grow her business.

“I am thrilled that I decided to invest in Cash Generator. It has refreshed my ambition and renewed my excitement for the future, giving me something to be proud of.”

Reported by Rick Wheeldon