Cash Generator: Enjoy 3 separate income streams

What is it like to manage your own Cash Generator store on a day to day basis? Freya Gibson asks franchisee Kevin Old

'My day starts just before the rest of the staff arrive, so that I can decide on the priorities for the day,' says Cash Generator Bournemouth franchisee Kevin Old. 'Then we'll have a briefing, discuss our objectives and establish our goals and what we want to achieve. At 9am we get the shutters up, take care of the housekeeping and wait for the customers to come through the door!'

And come through the door they have - Cash Generator has become the most successful 'Buy & Sell' group in the UK, offering a fantastic package for franchisees keen to get on board.

'To be honest, I had no previous retail experience, so taking on a Cash Generator franchise was an interesting move for me,' says Kevin. 'It takes some adjusting too, but I admired the ethics and the way that the business worked, so my enthusiasm carried me through. Of course the training and support really helps, and it didn't take long before I was able to manage all aspects of running my own store.'

Previous retail experience is not the most essential aspect, says Franchise Development Director Robin Page. 'We're looking for individuals who have general management ability, communication skills and a readiness to deliver superb service.'

The prime advantage of the Cash Generator model is that it provides three separate income streams, meaning that if one area should suffer, there are still two other fail-safes to guard the franchisee's income, making for an almost recession-proof earning opportunity. 'I'm enjoying this challenge so much that I would like to make a huge success of this store, and then hopefully be able to move on and be considered for another one and, who knows, maybe more,' says Kevin.

'Provided a store is doing well, the option is certainly there for a franchisee to open a second or even third outlet,' says Brian Lewis, Founder of Cash Generator. 'The earning potential for this franchise is fantastic - the sky really is the limit!'