Cash Generator: Fulfill childhood dreams with a flexible franchise

Training to fulfil a childhood dream while running his Bournemouth store is all in a days work for Kevin Old. Derin Ibrahim interviews

Until a few months ago Kevin Old was not only running his Cash Generator store in Bournemouth, but also training for the Grand National. Getting up every morning at 4.30am to train, before spending the day running his franchise, and then training again until 9pm paid off as Kevin fulfilled his childhood dream and won the John Smiths People's Race at Aintree.

According to Kevin his success was down to preparation and focus. 'I'm quite a determined individual and when I set my mind on reaching a goal I make sure I get there,' Kevin reveals. 'I thought to myself, if I can make the shortlist of 10 from 3,500 applicants, with the right preparation and commitment I might just be able to win it.'

It could be this same determination and commitment that has enabled him to run his successful franchise for the past five years. Kevin launched his Cash Generator outlet in November 2002. 'I initially chose to investigate franchising because there is a much greater benchmark to judge the viability of the business, and was attracted to the Cash Generator opportunity because it matched my criteria of being both an established franchise and a member of the British Franchise Association.'

Cash Generator has stores across the UK and has been franchising for 10 years. Outlets sell brand new, graded and pre-owned goods, as well as providing buy-back and cheque cashing services, along with foreign currency and other financial services.

Pleased with the support he has received from Cash Generator, Kevin states: 'There was a six week training period, which was excellent. They covered every aspect of the business.'

Despite achieving a record level of annual turnover, Kevin reports that his business continues to grow. 'What I enjoy most about the franchise is the flexibility - this allowed me to pursue my dream of winning the John Smith's People's Race at Aintree.'

Even though his childhood goal has been achieved Kevin still has exciting plans for his future: opening more Cash Generator outlets.

Shape Your Future with Cash Generator

We are the most successful Buy & Sell Store group in the UK, with a business model that provides multiple profit streams to generate income in most economic climates.

We maximise our potential by offering customers pre-paid mastercards, foreign currency, money transfer services and both personal and asset backed loans. These services complement our core offering of bargain prices on new and pre-owned goods, buy-back offers and cheque cashing facilities.

The business was deliberately set up with multiple income streams in order to maximise profitability and safety. Franchisees like owning busy stores where customers frequently end up using all our services rather than the original one they started with.

Cash Generator is truly an innovative High Street retailer and instant cash provider to the local community in which they operate.