Cash Generator: 'I fell in love with the business'

With the benefit of multiple income streams, the Cash Generator business model looks set for a bright future. Stuart Anderson interviews franchisee Steve Appleton

After a decade of franchising Cash Generator has established 80 stores nationwide and become a household name for new, graded and pre-owned goods, buy-back commissions and cheque-cashing services. 'I fell in love with the business,' says franchisee Steve Appleton, who fomerly managed a similar store concept.

Steve came back to the industry after a career as a financial advisor enabled him to build a financial position, which allowed him to invest in his own business. ' I looked at a couple of franchise opportunities in the sector and was most impressed by the response I got from Cash Generator,' he reveals. 'My enquiry was responded to within a couple of days, and I was invited to the head office to meet the management.

'The other franchisors I applied to sent me information packs and then I never heard from them again. I felt that this showed which franchise was the more focused on supporting its franchisees and that has proven to be the case. I like the fact that the support is there, but I also like the fact that it is my business.'

Steve became a franchisee in June 2003, taking over the existing Weston-Super-Mare store after completing the eight week training course. 'The training is brilliant,' he recommends.

'It really did provide a solid foundation for running the business. I came in needing to improve the business, so I concentrated on communicating with the staff, training them in areas they needed and providing leadership. Three and a half years later and performance-wise we're in the top 10 stores in the Cash Generator network. The shop is up there with the big boys, and we have been accepted by the local community. It's all about guiding your team to offer good customer service.'

Steve sees a bright future ahead, so much so that, driven by his success in Weston-Super-Mare, he is looking to open a second store: 'I love the business and feel confident that with the benefit of our multiple income streams, the business is well structured to weather any slow down in the economy. With interest rates rising I feel that things are already starting to slow, and it brings peace of mind that I am well placed for continued growth.'