Cash Generator: New Metro store provides attractive opportunity

Although owning and operating a franchise can seem to be a male dominated industry there are many successful female franchisees, one of which is Cash Generator franchisee Sandy Sandhu who has recently launched her new business

Text: Derin Ibrahim

Cash Generator's franchise offers two business models - its main store and a smaller Metro store format. For franchisee Sandy Sandhu, the Metro store has provided an attractive business opportunity. 'I decided to go for the Metro store because it is easier to mange than the full size store,' reveals Sandy, 'and, as it is smaller and need less staff to run, the overheads are much lower.'

Other benefits of the Metro store offer is a smaller investment level and, because all the products are behind glass, there is the bonus of increased security. Additionally these stores offer the same services as a main Cash Generator store, including buying and selling new and pre-owned domestic products, as well as financial services such as third party cheque cashing.

"I really like the fact that the store has about four or five different revenue streams."

Cash Generator franchisee Sandy Sandhu

Metro stores can also be run in a partnership should an investor not want to be personally involved with the business. Sandy, however, opted to be the sole franchisee and operator of her business. Although used to running her own business having previously owned and operated a post office and worked as a driving instructor, Sandy decided that franchising was the best option for her.
She explains: 'I decided to join a franchise instead of setting up my own business because I wanted the help and support that it offers. I looked at several franchises and decided to go with Cash Generator, as I thought the concept looked very good.'

After completing Cash Generator's eight week franchisee training course, Sandy opened her Stevenage store in November 2007. 'The launch was brilliant,' she remembers. 'I opened on a Saturday and we were very busy. My first two months of trading, November and December, were excellent and I beat my weekly turnover targets in both months. I aim to achieve annual retail sales of over £500,000 per annum and believe this to be achievable.

'It takes time to build up sales but this is a really profitable business. I really like the fact that the store has about four or five different revenue streams, additionally I'm enjoying the day to day running of my business such as meeting and helping customers.'