Obtain maximum success with a Cash Generator franchise

Boasting one of the highest non-food turnovers per sqft. in the UK, Cash Generator has set its sights on achieving national network completion through steady growth over the next 10 years. Tasked with seeing through this goal, Managing Director Julian Urry reviews his first 12 months with the company with Stuart Anderson

Primed with the mission of taking the Cash Generator network up from over 80 retail locations to 300, Julian has spent his first 12 months meeting the entire network of franchisees and continuing the growth of the company's franchise network.

'I have observed how truly and deeply interested Cash Generator is in its franchisees' welfare, and will continue to ensure that the hours and effort put in by the head office staff are second to none,' says Julian. 'The commitment shown by the head office team to the franchise network is of credit to all concerned, and Cash Generator has developed a strong reputation with its franchisees for keeping its word.'

The Cash Generator franchise is a retail concept that earns income streams through three distinct services: buying and selling new and pre-owned branded goods, letting customers raise cash on valuable items, and cashing cheques on the spot. Established in 1994, Cash Generator began offering franchises in 1997 and has won many prestigious awards, including the British Franchise Association (BFA)'s 'Franchisor of the Year' special award. Most recently, its founder Brian Lewis has been appointed Chairman of the BFA.

With a background which includes working with retail titans such as Dixons and Powerhouse, Julian is appreciating the small business culture of working with franchisees. 'The family-style environment of care and consideration provides for a much friendlier atmosphere in which to enjoy work,' he reflects. 'I have a strong passion for honesty and ethics in franchising, and before I joined the company I admired from a distance how Cash Generator performed.

'Since joining, I have been more impressed with the way the people at Cash Generator conduct themselves, particularly the genuine desire to obtain the maximum success for each and every one of our franchisees. At Cash Generator, the building of strong and honest relationships with franchisees is of paramount importance.' With franchisees established in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, Cash Generator is also beginning the international expansion of its brand and concept. 'We're looking at entering other European markets and have already received interest from the Republic of Ireland,' Julian reports. 'We're looking for franchise partners with home market experience to spearhead Cash Generator, and are considering a combination of methods including joint venturing.'

In the UK Cash Generator is seeking hands-on operators looking for a retail opportunity that is interesting in all economic climates. 'The Governor of the Bank of England recently re-stated that the future of the UK is uncertain economically,' comments Julian. 'He noted that 1992-2004 were economically the best years in Bristish history, but that the Bank of England cannot control the economy and business/consumer cycles will always occur.

'The three separate income streams of the Cash Generator concept maximise the safety of the individual store and provide the greatest opportunity to prosper. Combined with our successful track record and huge scope for growth, the Cash Generator franchise opportunity is looking especially attractive to investors.

'We're looking for individuals who have general management ability, communication skills and a readiness to deliver superb service. We're capitalising on a concept designed to suit a range of potential franchisees, from those with no retail experience through to multi-store business builders. Enthusiasm, dedication and the right attitude to lead a team create successful businessmen.'