Castle Estates: The best kept secret in the property industry is out!

Simple but true, the Castle Estates franchise team provide all of the information to let you make an informed decision into taking one of our franchise territories.

Corporate clients such as Barclays Bank, WH Smiths, HSBC and Kentucky Fried Chicken have chosen, and have placed their trust in our business strategy, to Let and Manage their Residential portfolios across the UK and to deliver maximum potential from their properties. Many more high street names also use our expertise and our franchise network is very much a part of the teamwork that is needed.

This open approach has been our philosophy for more than 15 years of franchising and has often been commented on by business partners who have decided to invest in a Castle Estates franchise.


Franchisees Steve & Jenny Roulstone from Staffordshire have used the 'We Let... You Choose' motto during the last 4 years with Castle Estates. They moved into their current high street location in February 2003.

'I had a background in sales for an insulation company and Jenny as a production manager for an electronics business', says Steve, 'although we had not been part of the letting industry it became clear that past experience was not needed. Castle Estates provided us with a very comprehensive training course'

Steve and Jenny's typical day...

8.30am: The drive to the office is underway.
Today is fairly normal although sometimes meeting a tenant takes place early to sign up before their work or there might be the need to issue keys to contractors at the crack of dawn.

8.45am: After arriving at the office,
and letting the staff in, the day starts. When you look after over 230 fully managed properties there will be messages concerning repairs for tenants, and like doctors surgeries, Monday morning is a busy time for minor aliments such as light bulbs or toilet seats that need replacing. These are dealt with as quickly as possible getting quotes and checking whether we can spend the landlord's money and if so instructing the maintenance team.

9.30am: Enquiries are coming in all the time,
landlords contact us to see if we can take on their property to market and manage.

11.00am: Steve leaves the office to meet up
with some tenants to check them into their new home. Meanwhile Jenny has also left the office to carry out a number of viewings meeting potential tenants.

12 noon: Back at the office
Maureen and Amanda deal with calls and action the credit referencing that is needed to make sure that the tenant is right for the property.

1.30pm: After a bite to eat
Steve goes to see one of his largest customers, Alton Towers, to check on the progress for staff looking for property, finding out that there are another three looking for accommodation he suggests available cottages or houses and arranges viewings.

3.00pm: Jenny has carried out
a number of property inspections. This preventative action can certainly diffuse problems with tenants and landlords. Steve heads back to the office stopping off at a property to value the rental for a new landlord.

4.30pm: Both Steve and Jenny
are in the office and they take the opportunity to brainstorm some new initiatives to take the business forward.

6.00pm: Being a service industry
you need to be available out of the normal office hours, today Steve and Jenny visit a property that a landlord has just purchased and added to his portfolio. After taking a photo and some details the information is filed away until tomorrow.