CerTax Accounting

Supported by an active qualified Accountancy Practice, anyone with some financial experience and plenty of ambition can own and operate a successful tax and accountancy advisory franchise, CerTax Accounting Founder Keith Bradshaw tells Rachel Spaul

Built on the solid foundations of Keith Bradshaw's own accountancy practice, CerTax Accounting has grown into an almost 100-strong franchise network serving the needs of local business communities. Key to the success of franchisees nationwide is the ongoing support of a working accountancy practice with almost 20 years' field experience.

'CerTax Accounting is a leading tax and accountancy franchise because of the link with an established accountancy firm,' Keith confirms. 'All the indications are that the quality and professionalism of this franchise will prove to be the foundation of CerTax Accounting becoming the leading independent accountancy and taxation franchise in the country. We're looking for a total of 150 franchisees, which will retain the family atmosphere that has proved so attractive to existing franchisees, and achieve a good geographical spread.'

Many franchisees have been attracted by the fact that accounting experience is not a prerequisite. 'As long as you have had some financial experience, such as in banking, financial advice or the accounts department of a large organisation, CerTax Accounting can provide you with the know-how to run your own accountancy practice,' says Keith. 'Our intensive five-week training programme, delivered by working professionals, will certify you as an MCITA (Member of the CerTax Institute of Tax Accountants).'

The CerTax Accounting franchise can be run either from home or an office. However, adds Keith, 'on average, franchisees who start their business from home move into premises within six to 18 months. We have 94 franchisees and our best achiever signed £35,000 worth of work in the first year.'

In addition to 'real life, practical support from working professionals,' franchisees are supported by a dedicated marketing department focused on attracting new business. 'There are many dissatisfied clients in today's business world and until they are given a viable alternative to their current accountant they will often remain dissatisfied,' reasons Keith. 'Our marketing system, involving our call centre team, gives your local business community this alternative in a professional and effective way. Appointments arranged on your behalf are with prospective clients with good reason to use your services, which is why most franchisees will convert between 50 and 75 per cent of prospects into clients.'

A new website currently under development is also targeted towards generating business for franchisees. 'We've recently launched a brand new corporate website and we're currently converting the old one into an information-driven site for franchisees to promote their services,' explains Keith. 'The site will contain a photograph and contact details of each franchisee and will provide guidance for clients, plus a newsletter. This will further enhance CerTax Accounting's reputation by confirming to the business community that we are a professional firm of accountants.'

Crucially, franchisees receive update courses to keep them informed of any changes in legislation, tax regulations and marketing initiatives. These gatherings also provide a forum for general discussion and the opportunity to meet with other CerTax Accounting franchisees. 'Whether you're already a qualified accountant, or someone with some financial experience, CerTax Accounting can give you a competitive edge over high street competitors in the accountancy sector.'

We're seeking candidates who embody our company philosophy of quality and professionalism,' Keith sums up. 'If you're ambitious and a good communicator interested in building your own tax and accountancy franchise with a major player in this sector, we're waiting for your call.'