Abdul and Ali Ikram, CeX

For gadget lovers Abdul and Ali Ikram investing in a CeX franchise is a dream come true.

"My brother Ali and I were loyal CeX customers before we became franchise owners," says Abdul. "We used to feel a buzz of excitement as we walked through the doors of a CeX store because we are passionate about the product lines, which include DVDs, music CDs and video games as well as computing, electronics and mobile phones.

"Over the years we watched CeX grow and were eager to become part of its future success. We knew that the concept of buying, selling and exchanging entertainment and electronic goods worked and was popular, so we spent two years researching the franchise opportunity in-depth.

"We decided to put our plans of joining CeX on hold until Ali finished university. However, earlier this year I was unexpectedly made redundant from my job in IT, so Ali and I decided to seize the opportunity and apply for a CeX franchise.

"We launched our Camden-based store on the 12th September after undergoing an intensive two week training course and business is going really well! Ali and I have defined roles within the business - he is the store manager and is on the shop floor on a daily basis, while I am the operations manager and look after the paperwork.

"Now, as the owners of a CeX franchise, we still get that buzz of excitement and are excited about our future with the brand. Our aim is to open multiple stores once this franchise is properly established."