Charisnack launches a part-time franchise opportunity

Every year 18 million people call in sick with obesity related health problems. Healthy eating snack franchise ChariSnack aims to help resolve this issue and assist visually impaired children in the process

ChariSnack has teamed up with some of the leading suppliers of alternative snacks to supply delicious healthier snack food options in attractive self-service boxes to people at their place of work. We've been trading for over four years and now have 25 franchisees spread across the UK. The snacks on offer range from quality Mixed Nuts and Fruit to mouth-watering Cranberry Sensation, plus popular Cheese Baguettes and a very nice selection of delicious flapjacks. We also supply a full range of confectionery for those customers who want to give themselves a bit of a treat.

ChariSnack has also teamed up with the National Blind Children's Society which provides invaluable support to help blind and partially sighted children achieve their educational and recreational goals. Our head office makes a donation to the charity for every ChariSnack branded product sold from the boxes and to date we've donated over £250,000!

The national media is dominated by health and diet issues addressing the 'obesity epidemic'. ChariSnack is helping tackle this trend by providing healthier snack options to people at their place of work. The time is absolutely right for this business!

The franchisee delivers the snacks and smoothies to the workplace in display boxes. Bosses are happy to have the boxes in their work environment as it shows that they're endorsing healthier eating habits and helping charity at the same time. Also, members of staff aren't dashing off to the shops to buy their snacks!

In these days of financial turbulence, the generally higher cost of living has led to a growth in the number of people who would like to enjoy an extra income - such as those committed to looking after children for part of the day, those who have taken early retirement, or those already in part-time employment. Charisnack has observed a corresponding increase in enquiries for the ChariSnack franchise on a part-time basis. We have therefore developed a lower cost starter franchise option requiring an investment of just £9,950 plus VAT.

Franchisees taking up this option will enjoy all the usual benefits associated with being a ChariSnack franchisee in terms of initial training, product range, corporate identity and ongoing support from a dedicated Franchise Support Manager, but will be allocated a smaller geographical area in which to work. ChariSnack will locate their first 100 customer organisations or companies to host a box so that they can start earning from day one and will give them products worth £5,000. They will also receive corporate clothing and 200 point-of-sale display boxes to facilitate expansion as well as a valuable database of businesses in their allocated and protected area.

No special skills are required for this franchise and it's an ideal business for men and women of all ages and abilities who enjoy getting out about and meeting people. It's a franchise that can be run during normal business hours, leaving evenings and weekends free. It's also nice to know that the business will continue running when you're on holiday as the products are purchased from a self-service display box.

Text: Charisnack Franchise Director Gordon Blood