Investment in developing a range of biological products is paying dividends for cleaning and hygiene specialists Chemex.

The company has been working with UK-based research laboratories to develop and launch an assortment of microbiological products. Such has been the demand for these products that biotechnology now accounts for 20 per cent of the company's sales.

The products range from infection control agent, Antibak, that kills pathogens such as Norovirus and C.diff to enzyme based products, which literally eat up dirt and grease.

Chemex Science Director, Sean Derrig, said: "The concept of the Chemex Chemzyme range is very simple. It uses natural, friendly bacteria to perform cleaning tasks. The principle is exactly the same as using micro organisms to brew beer or wine, or to produce yoghurt, cheese or bread. "The difference here is that these natural, harmless bacteria, abundant in nature, are actually better at some very complex cleaning tasks where traditional chemicals fail.” NHS trusts and private residential nursing homes plus hundreds of hotels and restaurants are using Chemex biotechnology products across the UK.

Derrig explained how these products have such huge market potential: "There is a huge market for these products. For example, every food producing business needs BIO GD a powerful but non toxic degreasing agent which destroys fats, oils and grease."

Chemex, one of Europe’s leading suppliers of cleaning, hygiene and infection control products and has been operating for 27 years. It has franchises right across the UK. Further information on Chemex can be found at

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