Tremendous Prospects with a Chemex franchise

With the support of Chemex, Tim Davies aims to build a profitable business and help fight infection

ICE-HOCKEY player Tim Davies hopes to capitalise on his competitive streak to take him to the top of the business league. Tim, who plays for Peterborough Predators, admits he is fiercely competitive and doesn't like losing. He is confident that these qualities will reap dividends as he sets up his new business for Europe's leading supplier of cleaning and hygiene products, Chemex International.

Tim took up ice-hockey four years ago after talking to former Phantoms captain Jesse Hammill on a family skating trip. 'My daughter said that I couldn't skate and that was a challenge I couldn't resist,' he continues. He now trains at Bretton Arena every Wednesday. 'When I am out on the ice, I am entirely focused. Similarly, I have set myself a target for the business and I will do everything I can to achieve it.'

Tim's Chemex franchise is based in Deeping St James and will serve businesses in Peterborough, Stamford, Oundle, March and Huntingdon. Chemex provides businesses with cleaning products and free advice on health and safety and hygiene matters.

Tim set up the franchise with his wife Angela in order to tackle a new challenge in life. 'I had managed a private hire business for four years and decided that I needed a change of direction,' he reflects. 'Chemex is a long established company which has a track record of innovation and customer service. I am delighted to be a part of it and look forward to developing the business.'

Chemex made national news recently when it launched the first product to kill hospital acquired infections such as Clostridium difficile and MRSA on contact and Tim will be contacting healthcare organisations about its unique capabilities. 'The prospects are tremendous,' he says. 'Chemex not only helps businesses to be successful but provides products which can actually save lives.'

Ron Hutton, Sales Director for Chemex, reports: 'Tim is a highly-motivated individual. He is a great example of the drive, enthusiasm and focus needed to develop a cost-effective business. As a couple, Tim and Angela are extremely positive, with a real determination to succeed. We have exciting plans for growth and welcome entrepreneurs like Tim who are looking to build a substantial business within our business and not those who just want to buy a job.'

Reported by Chemex