A day in the life of a Chemex franchise owner

Chemex is one of the leading suppliers of hygiene and cleaning products in the UK and Europe. The company has been operating for 27 years and has more than 60 franchise owners serving a wide variety of industry sectors.

Chemex is not just another cleaning products supplier but provides free consultancy and health and safety training to its customers and their staff to ensure they keep within the latest health and safety legislation.

Laurence Hinde has been running his franchise covering Lincoln, Gainsborough, Newark and surrounding areas since 1994. His wife Sue helps out with admin and IT duties. He has recently appointed a salesman, Nigel Tindall.

7:00am Start the day with a quick catch up of the news over breakfast and then start thinking about the day ahead.

8:00am Make a final check that the van is fully loaded and I have all the relevant customer cards for the day. We keep file, on every customer, that are updated after every visit. As well as contact details they also provide information on their product preferences.

8:15am Talk to Nigel and discuss his plans for the day and, if necessary, arrange where to meet up.

8:30am Set off to visit my first customer. I see every customer once every four weeks and try to see eight customers a day. My visits can vary from a simple drop off of products to carrying out a full stock check for larger customers and topping up. I have a varied customer base and can be at a bakery one minute and a haulage company the next, supplying cleaning fluids for their truck wash system.

10:00am Visit one of my larger customers who has taken on new members of staff and deliver COSHH training on the safe use of our products. Chemex provide this free of charge as part of our customer service and it’s a part of the job that I really enjoy and I believe sets us apart from the competition.

12:30pm Stop for a quick lunch having made on average four calls during the morning. Check in with Nigel to see how his day is going.

1:00pm Resume customer calls which can often include a free fitting service for soap dispensers, dosing units for dishwashers or units which automatically supply the correct amount of cleaning fluid direct into the cleaners’ wash buckets.

2:30pm Receive an emergency call from a residential nursing home that has an outbreak of a superbug such as C.difficile, MRSA or Novovirus. All such calls receive priority and get a same day service. We always carry supplies of our AntiBak spray-on wipe-off system, which is proven to kill all superbugs. We also supply a hand cleanser which is far more effective than traditional alcohol-based hand cleaners and is essential to effective infection control regimes.

4:00pm Arrive back at base and start planning for the next day. I am meticulous in the way I plan each day. I pull out all the customer cards, check their requirements and stock the van accordingly. Once re-stocking is completed, I clean the van.

5:00pm In the office checking invoices, catching up on emails and answering any calls that have been left on the answerphone. I also update the customer cards, making a note of new products used and any new members of staff that may require training.

6:00pm Time for tea and a catch up with my wife Sue.