Marketing franchises using a website

Robin Auld, Marketing Director at ChipsAway explains why a good website is a valuable component in a franchise’s success.

It’s almost impossible to over estimate the importance of the worldwide web in marketing products or services to consumers. The web is referred to for all kinds of information; according to ChipsAway’s recent research, 70 per cent of people would go online to gather information on products and services, rather than looking in the Yellow Pages or the local newspaper.

That is why ChipsAway has launched a new website this year. It is customer focused, user friendly and highly interactive – and what’s more, we invest substantially in Pay Per Click advertising and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to ensure that every time a potential customer looks for us by name or searches “minor automotive paintwork repairs” on Google, ChipsAway appears at the top of the organic listings.

Our nationwide network of franchise owners each have their own web-page, fully integrated with the main ChipsAway site, and we are currently rolling out regional landing pages to make it even easier for our customers to find and contact us. With the rising use of social media, we have just launched a Facebook page too, further optimising our website and offering the opportunity for us to communicate more effectively with our customers.

The development of an effective, well optimised website has been particularly important to ChipsAway this year, as we have built on and extended our highly successful National TV campaign. We believe it is essential that consumers who see our advertising have an instant route to finding out more about us – and hopefully booking a repair!

The figures speak for themselves. After the launch of our new website in July this year, the impact was immediate. The following month we achieved record figures both for visitor traffic and for repair enquiries. The number of visitors in August alone was up by over 50 per cent on last year’s figures – with a record-beating 2,143 visits in a single day! Repair leads to the ChipsAway network were also significantly higher; with a total of 14,389 leads being distributed through the 24/7 UK based Call Centre during August 2010 – representing an impressive 34 per cent increase on figures for the same time last year.