ChipsAway: A franchise that really delivers

After 28 years with the Royal Mail, former postie Carl Liddy took the plunge and bought a ChipsAway International franchise 18 months ago. Now he says he's happier and more fulfilled than he has ever been, and is looking forward to taking the family to the States for the 'holiday of a lifetime' in the summer.

Carl started out as a postman and, by the time he left the employ of the Royal Mail, he had risen to become head of a section, overseeing 53 postmen. But despite the material rewards, Carl had become disillusioned and thoroughly fed up with the corporate culture. 'I always said that if I ever became really miserable at work, then I'd make a change,' he said. 'I wanted to do something completely different, but it had to be something I could be absolutely sure of - after all, I was leaving a well-paid, secure position and had the future welfare of my family to consider.'

Accordingly, Carl involved his wife Christine in the entire decision-making process - he felt her support for the venture was essential to the success of any future business.

'I was interested in franchising and I'd been impressed with what I'd read about ChipsAway, so Christine and I went down to one of their Open Days to find out more,' he recalls. 'We spoke to the bank and to our accountant, both of whom were very supportive, then we spoke to some of the existing ChipsAway franchisees, who were really positive - so we decided to go for it!' Once his training was complete, Carl launched his new ChipsAway business in Manchester in the summer of 2004. He wrote £3,000 worth of estimates over that first weekend, and had £1,500 worth of business when he opened his doors on the first day.

'The ChipsAway team were fantastic,' he says. 'They were in contact every week for the first three or four months to make sure everything was going fine and to offer any help I needed. In fact, one of the things that had first impressed me about ChipsAway was their commitment to continue to invest in you in terms of training and support until you feel absolutely confident that you are ready to run your business alone.

'Less than two years into my business, I can't believe just how busy I am. I'm never short of work, and in fact currently I'm fully booked until the middle of next month.'

One of the big pluses for Carl is that despite being so busy, he now has the flexibility to be able to spend more time with his family. 'This week I went to see my daughter in her school play in the middle of the working day,' he confides. 'It was a real joy, and something I would have really struggled to do as an employee.

'Things are really taking off for me. I'm delighted that I made the change - and I've not regretted my decision for one moment!'

What makes the ChipsAway franchise different from others?

ChipsAway International is the world's leading SMART (Small and Medium Area Repair Technology) repair specialist, providing perfect repairs to car paintwork on a same-day basis and at around half the price of a traditional body shop.

So, with almost 30 million cars on the road in the UK and rapidly rising demand for repairs to minor bumps, scuffs and scratches, it's no wonder ChipsAway franchisees have full order books for weeks ahead and start to make money from week one.

  • Unique paint repair system
  • World leading brand
  • Proven unfulfilled demand
  • Massive market potential - 30 million vehicles
  • Personalised training and support package
  • Unlimited earning potential
  • Rapid return on investment

ChipsAway - not your normal 9-5

At ChipsAway International, we believe that life's too short to be miserable. Our franchisees think so too.They've left the world of nine-to-five, have the freedom to live life to the max, and are earning great money doing something they love.

Our customers love ChipsAway too.That's why they recommend us to their friends, and why ChipsAway franchisees are never short of work.

If you like the good things in life, you'll love ChipsAway. Find out more at one of our free no-obligation Open Days.

Reported by Megan Dunmore