Couple celebrates 10 years with ChipsAway

Franchise owners Anatol and Michelle Poyer-Sleeman are celebrating 10 successful years with the UK’s leading car paintwork repair brand, ChipsAway.

A former police inspector and a graphic artist, the couple decided to invest in a ChipsAway franchise after attending one of the company’s informal Open Days. Having completed their training, they launched their business in 2004 and, over their first weekend, wrote 60 estimates for work. They achieved £900 in their first week of trading, £4,000 by the end of their first month, and the upward trend has continued ever since.

Today, Anatol and Michelle own five profitable territories and operate from an extensive, fully-equipped ChipsAway CarCare Centre in Cambridge, employing a team of technicians to provide high quality paintwork and alloy wheel repairs. Their regular customer base now numbers over 4,500, turnover is continuing to climb and business is up by around 15 per cent over the same period last year.

Their continued success, they claim, has much to do with working together. “We bring different skills to the business," says Anatol. "Michelle is a hands-on, very practical person and is brilliant at completing tasks efficiently and effectively. She is responsible for the workshop and dealing with our customers. On the other hand I am a blue sky man. I do the strategic thinking and business planning. We both invested completely in the business from the outset, financially and emotionally, and so we have always been totally committed to making it work."

“Michelle and I love working together – we work hard, but we play hard too. To succeed as a couple in franchising, you need to be a good match as business partners as well as being compatible on a personal basis. We’ve made it work with the help of ChipsAway and, 10 years down the line, we still have an absolute passion for one another and for our business.”