ChipsAway International: On Top of the world!

ChipsAway International is a franchise at the top of its game. The acknowledged leader in SMART repairs, ChipsAway was the first company in the world to develop the technology to achieve factory finish repairs to minor paintwork damage, and it remains the dominant brand in the marketplace today.

With a formidable track record and a reputation for quality, professionalism and value for money, ChipsAway has over 350 franchisees operating across the UK, and a network of similar operations in countries worldwide.

Key to its success is a massive and rapidly expanding pool of potential customers. Since the launch in this country of ChipsAway almost 12 years ago, the marketplace has expanded tremendously (DVLA figures for 2005 show a 22 per cent increase in the number of cars on the road over the last 10 years, bringing the figure to almost 33 million), with a consequent increase in congestion and soaring demand for minor damage repairs.

With the trend set to continue, ChipsAway franchisees are - quite literally - in the driving seat, providing mobile services from highly visible, liveried vehicles specially customised as fully equipped workshops. They can complete minor repairs 'on-the-spot', wherever and whenever convenient for their customers, generally in a couple of hours - and often at around half the price of a traditional body shop.

Customers are invariably impressed and so repeat business and word of mouth referrals form the basis of a thriving, profitable and ultimately hugely satisfying franchise.

Top marks...

Satisfied customers are the basis of the best marketing campaign possible for ChipsAway franchisees - and it's a great feeling to have customers smile and say 'thanks!' as they hand over the cheque! Here are just a few of the thousands of comments ChipsAway receives from happy customers:

'ChipsAway's Roger Catchpole is a brilliant guy - he practically lives at our premises and is constantly needed to make repairs to our fleet,' says Graham Clarke of RMA, one of the largest and longest established supercar track day operators in Europe. 'I've never known anyone who takes so much care over his work!'

Graham first came across ChipsAway after Roger repaired a neighbour's car. He was so impressed by the quality of the repair that he invited Roger to fix a chip on his metallic midnight blue Porsche GT3.

'Normally I would never let anyone besides the main marque dealerships touch any of my cars - they are too precious to me, both commercially and personally,' he says. 'However, Roger did a fantastic job on my Porsche, which is very prone to chipping because Porsches are so low to the ground, and is regularly in need of repair. The front was chipped and slightly dented and midnight blue is notoriously hard to blend, yet the results were amazing. The cost was £150 - whereas previously I'd been quoted £600 by the Porsche garage - I was over the moon and have used Roger ever since! We have years of experience in dealing with very expensive cars and I would recommend ChipsAway to anyone, whatever the car.'

Top Feedback

"A couple of scratches on the nearside door of my Turbo cabriolet were impossible for me to remove; ChipsAway completely repaired both scratches and returned the surface to its showroom condition. If it suffers any similar damage in the future, I will have no hesitation in using ChipsAway to help dry the tears!"
Jeff Maynard,Vice Chairman of the Porsche Club of Great Britain

"I contacted ChipsAway to get a nasty scuff done on my painted bumper last Thursday. Not a problem apparently, the nearest operator drove a 100 mile round trip today (Easter Monday) to fix the car - what an excellent job he did! Took him about half an hour (less time than it took him to get to me) and the result is amazing. Perfect colour match, blended in seamlessly. To be honest, I can't even tell it has been painted, let alone damaged in the first place. Oh, and very friendly to boot. Well done, ChipsAway!"
Taken from the Toyota Owners Club Message Board

"Hi ChipsAway... Jeez, you guys are FAST!!! My local operator contacted me the next morning, came to view my car the same evening, and the quotation fitted into my budget. The work is booked in... Many thanks for your prompt attention, I will certainly pass ChipsAway to friends/colleagues etc."
Email received from John Turner, ChipsAway customer

Getting into Top Gear

The newly re-launched ChipsAway DVD, which will be seen for the first time at the forthcoming National Franchise Exhibition, once again features the irrepressible Tiff Needell, former presenter of BBC's 'Top Gear'.

He describes the ChipsAway SMART repair service as 'a bloody good idea,' adding: 'That's why ChipsAway is a success story that is taking the car market by storm.'

Erstwhile colleague Quentin Wilson, who had his own car repaired by ChipsAway, is inclined to agree it seems: 'Given that any paint man worth his spray gun charges £300 just to open the tin these days, I was hugely taken with the services of a company called ChipsAway. They come to your house and will repair anything from the tiniest chip to scratches, bumper scuffs, kerbed alloy wheels and even holes in your upholstery!'

Take it from the Top

The old adage 'Judge a man by the company he keeps' also holds true for businesses. It's not only franchisees and their customers who give ChipsAway the thumbs up, but leading organisations such as the AA, which has nominated ChipsAway International as the organisation's sole recommended supplier of SMART repairs to its five million plus members.

ChipsAway is also proud to be a member of the VBRA (the lead organisation for the vehicle body building, commercial vehicle repair, tail lift repair and car body repair industry), accredited by the OFT and, of course, a full member of the British Franchise Association.

Room at the Top

Despite being the market leader in SMART repairs, ChipsAway estimates that its franchisees currently service less than 5 per cent of the available marketplace - over 30 million cars in the UK alone - with its nationwide network stretched to capacity coping with the demand for their services.

Clearly the imperative for ChipsAway is to expand its franchise operations substantially in order to build market share. Now all that is needed is committed, hard working people with ambition to succeed and the initiative to recognise the potential offered by this top drawer opportunity.

If you're looking to build your own business, why not start with a franchise that's already at the top - ChipsAway International.