Rich pickings!

A lot can happen when you buy a ChipsAway franchise, as over 500 franchisees across Europe can testify. Whatever your background, ChipsAway offers you a satisfying, hands-on business with proven demand for services, virtually unlimited earning potential and a massive marketplace that continues to grow year on year.

As the dominant brand in cosmetic repairs to automotive paintwork, ChipsAway franchisees command top prices for their SMART (Small and Medium Area Repair Technology) repair services, yet customers only pay around half the cost of a traditional body shop repair. What's more, ChipsAway SMART repairs can be completed in a matter of hours, rather than days and because franchisees operate from fully equipped mobile workshops, the work can be done at the customer's home or place of work, at a time most convenient to themselves. That's why ChipsAway franchisees find that their business flourishes on word-of-mouth recommendation from highly delighted customers.

'Success comes in different forms,' says ChipsAway Chief Executive Lloyd Evans. 'For some of our franchisees it means great holidays, super cars and a lavish lifestyle; to others it means the opportunity to spend quality time with the family or the chance to build a business that will fund early retirement.' Sandip Kalkat (pictured above, with his Maserati) is just one example of a ChipsAway franchisee for whom the good things in life were simply out of reach until he invested in a ChipsAway franchise. The former IT project manager joined ChipsAway just four years ago. Then aged 28 years old, he promised himself that by the time he was 30 he would own the fantastic sports car he'd always longed for. Not only did he achieve that ambition - in fact he has recently invested in his second Maserati - but these days he finishes at 4pm every weekday and doesn't work weekends.

'The plan was always to work flat out for a couple of years to build up the customer base and put some money behind me, but then to take time to enjoy my success,' he says. 'I have a hectic social life and like to travel - I'm shortly off on a luxury cruise up the Nile and I'm really looking forward to that!' Sandip is lucky to have found huge personal satisfaction as well as the tangible rewards of a successful business. He is passionate about cars and was determined from the start to find the right opportunity in the automotive sector. 'Previously, I was part of a big organisation and couldn't really see what impact I personally made in my work. With your own business, you can see your input and take a personal pride in your work. This business must be one of the few where your customers smile at you and say 'thank you, that's absolutely brilliant' as they hand over the cheque - which means a lot.'

For Sandip - and for countless other ChipsAway franchisees - the financial rewards are great, but the freedom to live life to the full is paramount. Whatever the measure, for those willing to seize the opportunity and work hard, a ChipsAway franchise offers rich pickings indeed!

Reported by Megan Dunmore

Step One

Fantastic first year turnover £60,000*

  • you have made money from day one following your intensive Training Course and successful launch

  • you are operating from your own personalised, fully equipped and stocked mobile workshop

  • you are benefiting from the ChipsAway Franchise Support Team monitoring you 24/7

  • you are profiting from the assistance of a ChipsAway Business Developer (an option available to you)

  • you are improving your skill and watching your business grow from strength to strength

  • you are seeing a return on your investment within the first three months

Step Two

Unbelievable second year turnover £85,000*

  • your confidence and knowledge with the exclusive ChipsAway SMART repair systems is increasing

  • the rewards for your hard work as a ChipsAway Franchisee are unlimited

  • depending on your ambition you can expand from a single mobile operator to a multi-location business

  • your earnings and lifestyle are in your direct control and you are loving every minute!

  • you are experiencing tremendous job satisfaction coupled with the fantastic returns that come from a successful business

Step Three

Sensational third year turnover £120,000*

Fast cars, fabulous holidays and your dream lifestyle, the ChipsAway franchise can offer all this and more - just ask ChipsAway franchisee Jamie Simmons!

We can provide a business opportunity that will generate a great living, right from the start, as well as the satisfaction of delivering a superb service.

  • In fact, our franchise is built around satisfaction. We satisfy an increasing demand for our automotive paintwork repair services in a rapidly growing marketplace and our customers are always delighted with our high quality repairs and convenient, low cost service.

ChipsAway International is the world's leading SMART (Small to Medium Area Repair Technology) repair specialist, providing perfect repairs to car paintwork on a same-day basis and at around half the price of a traditional body shop.

A lot can happen when you buy a ChipsAway franchise!

*based on existing individual ChipsAway franchisees