Ryan motors ahead with ChipsAway

This year, former heavy plant driver Ryan Lythe celebrates three years as a franchisee with ChipsAway, the UK’s leading automotive paintwork repair specialist. In that short space of time Ryan has built a thriving, profitable business and is enjoying a lifestyle he could only have imagined before

“Frankly, before I joined ChipsAway, I was worried about being able to pay the mortgage,” he confides. “The construction industry was badly hit by the recession and my company was making cuts, so I decided to take matters into my own hands and set up a business of my own. I can’t believe how well it’s going. I bought my wife a new car for Christmas and have just returned from a family holiday in Egypt, which was fantastic!”

Ryan took on his first employee at the end of last year to help him manage the rising demand for his services, and says that at the rate his business is growing, he expects to recruit another member to the team soon.

“When you think about leaving the security of employment to start your own business, obviously a big question in your mind is whether there will be enough work for you to pay the mortgage and cover the bills,” Ryan says. “If someone had told me that within a matter of months I’d have no worries at all and in three years would not have had a single day without work, I’d never have believed it!”

Ryan generated estimates worth £10,000 at his launch and has continued to be busy ever since.

“It seems too good to be true, but everything ChipsAway promised has been spot on,” he concludes. “I wouldn’t change my lifestyle now for anything. I look forward to going to work, my days fly by and I get paid by delighted customers for doing a job that I love!”

With around 300 specialists in operation nationwide, ChipsAway repairs scratches, bumper scuffs and kerbed alloy wheels on a same day basis to vehicles at a location convenient to the customer.