A Day In The Life - Clark James' Justin Preston

Justin talks us through a typical working day as a franchisee for the leading recruitment consultancy service provider - Clark James

8.00I arrive at the office. Between then and 9am comes the first job of the day: forwarding details of my candidate to the matching clients who have responsed overnight regarding a vacancy, and are keen to progress.

I review the candidate job boards and make intial contact with recently registered candidates. At the same time there are smaller jobs to attend to: responding to any emails that have come in and - of course - making the tea!

Most importantly, i then review the to do list for the coming day and make sure everything is prepared.

9.00 Next, I make outbound calls to candidates who have recently registerd with Clark James and i make business development calls to clients. I also update existing candidates on the current status of any applications they have made.

11.00 This is prime time of the day: many candidates are on lunch breaks and are able to communicate with me, so it's an ideal opportunity to register them.

14.00 After lunch i book interviews and send them confirmations to candidates and clients. During the afternoon, i follow up on the interviews that have taken place. I enjoy my discussions with particular attention to the feedback, listening to what they have to tell me.

17.00 During the last half hour at work i always update the to-do-list for the coming day and prioritise my tasks for tomorrow.

Evening Outside of office hours, I make time to continue reviewing any candidate applications that come in and respond accordingly to these candidates. It's at this time of day that people are able to relax and concentrate on their applications. At the end of the day, it's great to know I've spent my time helping my candidates and clients to interact in a way that works for them.