Cleaning Doctor:
Attracting Customers like a Magnet

Cleaning Doctor's marketing strategies attract a magnet

When the founder of the franchise calls you every day for the first 30 days of your business, you know that the weight of his support is behind you. William Little, Founder of Cleaning Doctor, undertakes to do just that as this established cleaning franchise with a reputation for unbeatable quality of service expands across the UK. With 13 franchise branches established in Great Britain, 2006 is set to see growing expansion by the brand which, because of its investment in top-of-the-range equipment and training, is able to always equal and indeed better the service of the competition. 'Our franchisees all offer a 100 per cent money-back guarantee on every job, and in all the jobs that all the franchisees have ever done, only two people have ever asked for their money back,' reveals William. 'Our customers receive the most thorough cleaning ever, or it's free. That's a powerful offer to be able to make in a market where quality is not always at its highest.' The Cleaning Doctor franchise has been designed as an economical, high profit business that can be operated from home. 'We have developed and fine-tuned technical, business and marketing systems suitable to the demands of the growing industry,' William explains. 'We are specialists in carpet, curtain and upholstery cleaning, contract cleaning and home cleaning services. We provide abundant opportunities for new franchisees to build and manage multi-vehicle operations under the umbrella of an established brand. I invite you to call immediately and discover Cleaning Doctor. We will unleash your potential and take you to the top.'

'Low overheads - high margins'

Derrick Hands looked at various franchise options, and was introduced to Cleaning Doctor by Northampton franchisee Nigel Lay. 'Nigel had been a Business Support Manager at my previous organisation,' Derrick reveals. 'I was initially reluctant, but was soon attracted to it as a very low overhead business enjoying very high margins.'

After initial training, Derrick launched his business in April 2005. 'The launch package is excellent,' he reflects. 'Combining both technical classroom training and hands-on cleaning experience in the field, it presses the 'go button' straight away. The initial marketing costs are also included in the initial franchise fee, covering advertising in local newspapers, full colour brochures, mailshots and all the marketing materials to get the business going.'

Derrick is targeting a £50,000 turnover for his first year. 'By the end of my first 12 months I aim to have an employee assisting me, and in the following year a second van up and running. From there, I'm expecting around 10 per cent growth per annum.'

A family franchise that helps you grow
'I feel lucky to have come across a fantastic franchise like Cleaning Doctor so early in my research into the franchise market,' reveals Edinburgh franchisee Chris Daw who, with his wife Lorraine, launched his business in September. 'I discovered the opportunity in The Scottish Franchise Magazine and carpet cleaning immediately appealed because it's a service where you can see you've achieved something, and your customer can too.'

Following 23 years of service in the Royal Navy, plus 10 years in Dubai working in retail, Chris was attracted to franchising by the prospect of working for himself while enjoying the backup of the franchisor. 'Cleaning Doctor is a family franchise - they really care for the franchisees,' he reflects. 'Managing Director Willie Little and the head office team keep in constant contact - you really feel they're not just in it for the money.'

Before signing his franchise agreement, Chris spoke to a number of Cleaning Doctor franchisees, and even sounded out other companies within the industry. 'There is high praise within the industry for the quality of the Cleaning Doctor service,' he reports. 'In fact, we offer a 100 per cent satisfaction guarantee to every customer, which means it's up to you to do a good job. I'm happy with that - so far I haven't had a single complaint.'

Before his launch Chris travelled to Ireland to spend two weeks of direct training under Willie Little and going out in the field with a franchisee, followed by a further week with a franchisee in England. 'I completed my training fully confident in operating the business, but knowing full well that if I hit any problems I had a network to call on,' says Chris. 'In fact, Cleaning Doctor franchisees have been calling to wish me well, offer help and share their experience - it makes you feel part of a family.'

With Lorraine taking care of the accounts and marketing, Chris concentrates on doing the major cleaning and healthcheck work and is currently performing between two and three jobs a day. 'Cleaning Doctor provided all the marketing tools and a step by step guide to getting business which works,' he comments. All promotional brochures and business cards are pre-printed for you, and these have been extensively proven throughout the network to bring in the maximum amount of calls. In fact, as soon as we distributed them we immediately started getting calls and people would remark about how much they liked our adverts.'

With a catchment area covering 250,000 people, Chris has ambitious plans to expand. 'With Cleaning Doctor you do get a very large area,' he reflects. 'There's enough scope for expansion for me to get three or four vans on the road, and I'll certainly be looking to set up my second by year two of my business.'