Make the most of your awards success

Celebrating success is something we British are often very blasé about. In franchising, however, this can be a key indicator to prospective franchise owners about your credentials. Sally Anne Butters, Head of Media at Coconut Creatives, explains how best to promote your achievements

First things first – you’ve won an award, congratulations! Winning an award shows that you have been recognised as the prominent leader among a group of entries under the same criteria.

Someone obviously thought you had a fighting chance to be entered/nominated in the first place, so don’t shy away from the limelight once you have earned your commendation.


There is no particular time when you shouldn’t mention your successes – especially highly prestigious titles.

Indeed, while the ‘when’ is less important, you must still be conscious of the surroundings and appropriateness of your jubilant messages. This manner should encompass not only those individuals and companies that may be affected, but the wider external audience.


Any marketing strategy should take into consideration your business aims and objectives, which is possibly where the plan to enter awards also started. The promotion of these awards, either as a nominee, finalist and winner, should therefore be channelled through each of your marketing activities, particularly those that have direct contact with prospective franchise owners:

  • Social media
  • Company website
  • Advertising
  • Point of sale and other easily amended collateral

Promoting your achievements should be done throughout the franchise network, especially if the achievement relates to an individual franchise owner. This demonstrates not only that you enter awards as a company, but that you support and encourage participation of individuals by way of development.


In the run-up to your award you may find that social media sites, such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, offer the best channels to broadcast your involvement, but ensure you are not conflicting with the wishes of the awarding body as they may want to make their own official announcements first.

Use press releases to promote your ultimate achievement so you can relay the entry criteria and who judged the finalist entrants. Quotes and testimonials will also grant a clear insight into the thoughts of those that attended the award ceremony – particularly if an individual winner is relevant – as well as judges’ comments or general thoughts. Case studies from the winning franchise owner perspective are also a good way to add personality to promotional materials. Remember that evidence aids credibility and understanding.

Some awarding bodies will provide you with a logo for use in your promotional materials. As well as adding this to your collateral, it should also be placed in a relevant place on your company website.

Prospective franchise owners

Remember that the fundamental reason to promote your franchise is for lead generation and conversion. By profiling your prospects, you should already be aware of commonalities that create interest in your franchise, so ensuring clarity and purpose of the content you release should reflect these attributes.

By demonstrating your efforts within the franchise industry, you give prospective franchise owners a further reference by which to measure you against your competitors. It is often said that you only get one chance to make a first impression, so why shouldn’t you use every opportunity to shine?