Finding your perfect franchise owners

Director of Media at Coconut Creatives, Sally Anne Butters, explains how to profile your ideal franchise owner.

Many franchisors jump feet first into allocating their franchise recruitment marketing budget without taking the time to really understand their ideal franchise owner profile. Whether you have a new franchise opportunity or you have a 100-strong network, taking time out of your everyday workload to research and compile an accurate profile of what your perfect franchise owners are like and how they behave during the franchise purchase journey is absolutely invaluable.

Build at least three perfect franchise owner profiles

There is never one simple perfect franchise owner profile for any franchise brand so while a franchisor might think they know what they are looking for in a franchise owner, these are likely to be general ideas rather than built on strong research and proof.

If you already have franchise owners, select your top 10 performers and undertake some research to find out more about them – their skills, expectations, background, personal interests, media consumption and their journeys to purchasing your franchise.

If you don’t have any franchise owners yet or if you think you don’t have enough to obtain an educated set of results, you can also extend your research to some of your hottest prospects who have been through a substantial amount of your recruitment process.

You will then be able to create at least three profiles of what your perfect franchise owners look like – see below for example.

What to do when you know who you are looking for

These profiles are not set in stone and some elements from Profile 3 could be found with attributes from Profile 2 (and so on) but getting them down on paper will give your franchise recruitment marketing strategy a focus. They can help to navigate around where to advertise and with what messages to make your franchise most attractive to people you already know could have great success in partnership with you.

It’s up to you

The time you take in getting the basics right will pay dividends. Taking a couple of days to assess your perfect franchise owner profiles every six months will end up saving you and your franchise recruitment team several hours each week in dealing with unsuitable candidates and give you reliable information on where to target your recruitment budget and with what primary messages.

Profile 1

25-35 years old;
Educated to degree level;
Confident and outgoing personality with some sales and people management experience;
Living with partner;
Recently bought first home;
Uses LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter for fun and business;
Only get news from the internet and occasionally reads the Metro on the way to work;
Spends weekends enjoying several outdoor pursuits and watches films to relax during the week;
Was looking for next career move when found out about franchising;
Used the internet including searching for online reviews during their franchise research phase.

30-45 years old;

Chartered status;
Middle/senior management;
Positive attitude to change and innovation;
Married with young children;
Home with mortgage;
Uses LinkedIn to search for new jobs;
Reads The Guardian or The Times;
Spends spare time with family including swimming at the gym;
Already knew about franchising from the big names and always wanted to be their own boss;
Read a franchise magazine and visited a franchise exhibition during their franchise research phase.

Profile 3

45-60 years old;
30 years of experience at senior level or has already been a company owner;
Ready to take experience and implement it for own business success;
Married and children have left home;
Own home without mortgage;
Reads the Financial Times;
Enjoys golf and tennis;
Looking for a business opportunity which will provide a good retirement;
Asked friends and senior colleagues to recommend franchises, then used The UK Franchise Directory to contact a shortlist to request further information.