Coffee Republic: It all starts with great coffee

The coffee market is booming, Coffee Republic are leading the way and expanding the successful Deli concept across the UK. The UK Franchise Team reports...

Franchising at Coffee Republic

Something really rather special is happening at Coffee Republic. After 10 years as a leading high street espresso bar chain, we are now busy re-inventing the way the British enjoy coffee, by bringing together freshly made hot and food with what the press has described as Britain's 'best cappuccino'.

Our new concept is Coffee Republic Deli and until we created the format coffee drinkers had a dismal choice: They could drink great coffee in an espresso bar, or they could eat great fresh food in a restaurant - getting both together was very difficult and with fast service even more difficult to find. Coffee Republic Deli™ not only offers both under one roof, we combine our fresh food offer with truly fast service. It is little wonder that our Delis are meeting the demands of thousands of extra guests every week.

There are three franchise opportunities at Coffee Republic:

Route 1 - A New Coffee Republic Deli
We have opportunities throughout all areas of the UK for franchisees to operate one or more Deli bars. This usually requires a hands-on management approach, you can either submit site details of your own to us for approval or our property team will assist you in finding a suitable site.

Route 2 - Turn the Republic into an Empire
Coffee Republic is also seeking Development Franchisees to operate an entire region of the British Isles. These investors will have the opportunity to recruit franchisees to develop around 20 new Coffee Republic Deli outlets in their operational area.

Route 3 - Republics around the World
Opportunities exist for you to become an International Master Franchisee in countries around the world. Please note this offer is to allow for the development of an entire country or territory, we can not offer single bars outside the UK at this time.