Be part of something bigger

This year, CoLaz, the advanced beauty specialists, has emerged as one of the most exciting new franchise opportunities in the health and beauty sector for decades. Gareth Samuel looks at how new franchise owners will be able to share in the success of owners, Manroop and Surinder, as they enjoy the benefits of a rapidly growing company, four holidays a year and a near-perfect work/life balance.

CoLaz has been providing advanced beauty treatments to a growing customer base since 2005. Now, after years of steady growth, the business is offering quality investors the chance to become part of the proven business’ glistening future, as it expands nationwide through the franchising model.

The creators of the CoLaz concept, Manroop and Surinder Ahitan, have long benefitted from having complete flexibility as the owners of the business, which now has four salons in the London area, all individually run by successful managers.

Manroop explains: “I am not working eight hours a day anymore; my working day starts at ten and finishes at two. I have time to pick the kids up from school and spend much more time with them.” Now CoLaz is offering investors the chance to live an equally flexible lifestyle, with an excellent work life balance as part of this growing health and beauty brand.

For Surinder, the extra flexibility his job allows, enables him to work from home and get more from his time. He says: “Much of the work can be done from home because of the nature of it, which means we can be at home with the kids and pick them up from school. CoLaz has given us both much more flexibility in our work.

“Typically, my day will be getting up in the morning, going down to the gym, getting started on the website and pushing the CoLaz brand through marketing. I will check to make sure all of the salons are running well and sort any problems out that need to be seen to.”

CoLaz franchise owners will be responsible for their own location, but with the full support and benefit of Manroop and Surinder’s experience. The business actively encourages investment from ambitious entrepreneurs with an appetite for opening multiple CoLaz locations throughout the country.

Surinder adds: “A franchise owner would take on a management role – being responsible for their own staff. Initially, it will be a full-on role overseeing the progress of the salon, but after they have got to grips with the company, it will be about making sure that their salons’ managers are hitting their targets.”

CoLaz distinguishes itself from other companies by constantly innovating its products and listening to changes in the marketplace in order to adapt.

Manroop adds: “If a new franchise owner comes in with new ideas, we will be happy to listen to them and take them on board. We are always trying to improve the business so we can keep moving forward.”

The business’ website is as state-of-the-art as their treatments and new franchise owners benefit massively from the visually stunning site, which is updated daily and generates a huge amount of overall leads.

Currently, the health and beauty sector is seeing a drive towards slimming, a marketplace that CoLaz is eager to explore. Manroop adds: “We are starting to see rapid growth in the slimming market and so we are exploring new technologies from areas around the world to see what methods are being used to help people lose weight elsewhere. We are planning to incorporate slimming treatments into our business more and more.”

Through the development of the website and by building up a loyal and extensive customer base, the business is in a position where it is poised to expand rapidly through franchising. Manroop explains: “The hair removal sector has grown massively and is going to grow even more. It has become a necessity to have hair removed, as opposed to a luxury treatment. Everyone wants to look younger and feel confident in themselves and this is what a CoLaz franchise owner will be providing to customers.”

Through overseeing and managing the four existing salons in operation, Manroop and Surinder have had the opportunity to live happier lives with rich reward. Surinder concludes: “We are fortunate enough to be able to go on four holidays a year and Manroop and I have just bought a new car each. We just got back from Miami with the children and are off to Turkey in a few weeks. CoLaz has given us the freedom to do all these things.”

A CoLaz franchise opportunity gives you the chance to be totally flexible as a major part of an established brand with a bright future. Financial security and a perfect work/life balance are just part of the package.