Beauty in the eye of an investor

CoLaz is a franchise offering made for the modern age, its exceptionally high volume of web leads and continual innovation to its offering in the health and beauty sector means that the right franchise owner can build a profitable business in unprecedented time. Gareth Samuel reviews exactly what this unique franchisor is looking for in a franchise owner to continue the brand’s impressive expansion.

Co-founder Surinder Ahitan believes that one key trait for any prospective CoLaz franchise owner is an affinity for selling: “Our ideal franchise owner needs to possess sales skills because you are going to be selling the CoLaz products and services to the clients. Also you will need to be able to manage a team of people – it is primarily a management role that a franchise owner takes.”

The franchisor team of Surinder and Manroop Ahitan had taken the CoLaz advanced beauty specialists business to an extremely profitable, four-store operation before constructing their scalable franchise package. Surinder adds: “On a day-to-day basis, the role will be about managing the staff, making sure they are in place to conduct the treatments and provide treatments to the standards our clients expect. Managing the local marketing side of their business is a massive part of a franchise owner’s role.”

New franchise owners can operate safe in the knowledge that their investment is well-placed in a proven business. CoLaz, because of its extremely effective website and franchisors’ extensive knowledge of generating PR through effective marketing, provides franchise owners with the chance to make impressive profits in the first few months of operation. “What really sets our franchise package apart from other businesses is that we provide leads from the word go,” comments Surinder. “Our high-traffic website will give customers business before they have even begun marketing locally. We get leads on our site from all over the country every day and, at the moment, we have to turn down business because our salons are too far away.”

One necessary trait a franchise owner must have, when looking into investing in a CoLaz franchise is a passion for what they will be doing. Manroop says: “It is important that a franchise owner has an interest in the beauty sector, for the first six months a new franchise owner will be at the front, greeting the customers so the owner has to be friendly. However, I don’t think having a background in the health and beauty sector is necessary. Most of the candidates we talk to are professional people, like accountants or solicitors, who want to change their career – as long as they have a passion for health and beauty this is an opportunity for someone to do something different for themselves.”

The CoLaz franchise operation is somewhat unique in that, although managing the business and staff is mandatory, it is left for the investor to decide whether they would like to undertake training in the health and beauty treatments side of the company. “With our franchise opportunity, we let the franchise owner choose whether they want to be a purely managing owner or if they want to do the treatments themselves and work in the business full-time – it depends entirely on the characteristics of the person,” adds Manroop. Beaulaz, located just minutes from the flagship CoLaz salon in Slough, is the training academy arm of the advanced beauty business. From this centre, hundreds of students are taught how to administer beauty treatments like laser-hair removal and skin treatments to change their career prospects. New franchise owners will see the direct benefits of this affiliated training centre in terms of staff recruitment and training.

CoLaz is a franchise with massive potential. The business requires franchise owners with specific drive and passion to make it work and the team are subsequently proud of their attitude towards the consideration of a wider range of potential franchise owners. “Unlike other businesses, we are happy to consider university graduates,” explains Surinder. “We would never discount someone because they are younger. We take the attitude that if you are just out of university and you want to run a business at that age, that says something about you.

“We have been able to secure funding in the region of 50 per cent from approved finance houses including some of the major franchise banks depending on the franchise owners financial status.” One of the main appeals for new franchise owners going into this extremely profitable business in a growing sector is that they can part of the legacy of CoLaz. It is the view of many expert consultants that franchise owners that invest at the start of a franchise’s journey received more attention and consideration from the franchisor.

Manroop concludes: “With CoLaz you can build your business very quickly. For us we were in profit in the first few months because we did a big launch and a big marketing campaign. We would help co-ordinate all of this for a franchise owner.” As technology continues to completely alter the way businesses operate, it is a certainty that the most forward thinking and innovative companies will thrive. CoLaz franchise owners are, therefore, extremely well placed for sustained successes.