Become a part of something bigger

Shape your own future with the most exciting franchise opportunity to emerge in the health and beauty sector for decades in CoLaz, the advanced beauty specialists.

Health and beauty treatments are for many, a necessity. The developing world continues to demand higher standards from beauticians and salons and right at the forefront of that innovation is the CoLaz franchise opportunity.

CoLaz is a highly successful advanced beauty treatment specialist brand that provides licensed laser hair removal treatments, sophisticated massages and slimming treatments. The brand is looking for driven entrepreneurs to invest in the bright future of the company and become a multiple-site franchise owner in a new UK location.

CoLaz began in 2005 under a different name and was the brainchild of Manroop Ahitan, who decided that more needed to be done to provide a better standard of hair removal treatment. She says: “I opened up with just one salon and offered more traditional beauty treatments, but as the demand for more effective methods grew, I invested in medical graded laser machines. The business just grew from then onwards.”

A new franchise owner would become part of the expansion of a new generation of CoLaz stores. This opportunity will enable franchise owners to recruit and manage their own staff with the continued support of the CoLaz head office and the benefit of the huge amount of leads that are generated by the cutting edge website.

For Manroop and Surrinder, CoLaz has enabled them to enjoy a far superior work/life balance with complete flexibility, a lifestyle that new franchise owners would also be able to enjoy in time. Surrinder adds: “I am able to spend much more time with the children, pick them up from school and generally do things with them. Our system is set up so I can work from home by checking in with the salons and making sure that managers are hitting their targets.”

“We are fortunate enough to be able to go on about four holidays per year and Manroop and I have just been able to buy a new car each as well.”

A new franchise owner would play a significant role in shaping the future of this proven brand as CoLaz strives to offer its state-of-the-art services to a growing number of customers across the country.

A CoLaz franchise opportunity allows extended flexibility in a primarily management role, giving you the chance to live a more prosperous and enjoyable lifestyle, building a business that suits you and your customers.